Goodbye Luke

I saw the movie Sex In The City this weekend and it gave me my answer…

I enjoyed it. I laughed and I cried, but most importantly, it was an excellent visualization for me of the type of life I want to live and the success I want to achieve.

As I watched the main character, Carried Bradshaw, read exerpts from her book I cried. As I watched her visit a bookstore and reposition her books, I cried. As I watched as she walked into that beautiful penthouse on Fifth Avenue and squeal in delight, I cried. Especially when her man said, “I got it.” He bought the penthouse for her.

That’s what I want! That’s what I envision for myself! That type of success! That type of man! “I got it, baby, just relax…”

Later that night I hooked up with Luke, the guy I had been seeing for the past week and a half. I showed him the new book that I have been devouring, Russell Simmon’s DO YOU. It’s marvelous! Absolutely wonderful! I think he is magnificent. I would LOVE to sit by him and learn and grow and share.

As I tried to share with him the jewels that I was gleaning from this book, he gave me a blank look. Then I asked him what his main dream was and he replied, “I’m starting a clothing line.”

As I questioned him about his intentions, my heart sank when he didn’t have any answers.

“Well, you say you’re going to MAGIC in August but what have you done to prepare?” I asked him.

Another blank look.

My eyes grew wide and I became irritated.

“You’re telling me that you’re gonna show up there with what? Have you made any clothes yet?”


My eyes turned to tiny slits.

“You can’t show up there with a table and some fabric. That’s not the swap meet. You have to look professional. Where’s your business cards? How are you going to present yourself? Where’s your plan?”

He just looked at me.

My entire body tensed up. There’s one thing that I can’t stand is a person with a dream who is non chalant about it.

The room went quiet and soon I felt his arm move to caress me. Instinctively I pulled away and rolled my eyes at him.

At that moment, I knew that this was the end.

Yeah, I could sit down with him and help him make plans to make his chances at MAGIC better, but why the hell should I have to drag someone toward their dream. He has all this time to spend with me, he SHOULD be preparing for his presentation.

After I calmed down, I offered an olive leaf. “If you need help coming up with your marketing and presentation plan, I’m here to help. I have so many ideas for you. If you want them, let me know.”

I have not heard from him since.


He doesn’t want it badly enough.

And I don’t want him.

End of story.