Goodbye Downelink

I said goodbye to my Downelink page last night. Whether it was anxiety or frustration or perfect timing, I’m not sure but I certainly did learn a lot by being on that site full of beautiful women who love women.

I’ve been immersed in the lesbian culture but honestly I felt like I was much more of a voyeur than anything else. Through DL I met PLENTY of women, talked to them, heard their stories, connected with them. Some of them are now my friends on facebook…but then again…I’m still not sure if I AM…one. you know…
I don’t know. Maybe its just my desire to finally find a place where I fit in that i dove headfirst into this lifestyle hoping to make a connection. And i did. Good Lord I did. I find women to be exxtremely enchanting and amazing…
It’s just…I’m not really a participant in it. I still haven’t had a girlfriend..and i never liked any of the women who claimed to like me.
Let me rest my pretty little head about it. I’m so tired. So tired. My body says rest but my heart says figure it out so you can have peace. but I can have peace now if I want to…if I choose to.

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