Cross Your Fingers

So I met this dude last week at McDonald’s.

He’s an artist, excellent with it, dark skin, nice body, nice ass, seems sweet. He gave me his card, we chit chatted on the phone a bit and made plans to meet up tonight.

I’m on the IM with Tamara today and telling her about it.

Me: Dawg..Remember the dark skinned dude I met last week?

Tamara: Yeah. What happened with that?

Me: I’m gonna go out with him tonight. I’m crossing my fingers that he doesn’t say or do anything stupid cuz as of right now, I am going to f*** him. He can get it!

Tamara: You are such a dude. Look at you, all you talking about is f*****g and that’s it.

Me: What else am I supposed to be looking forward to? He can’t do anything for me. I just REALLY hope that he doesn’t say anything stupid so I can hit that.

Tamara: I would really hate for a guy to think of me like that. I can’t wait to f*** her and that’s it. That’s bad.

Me: Well, what am I supposed to be thinking?

Tamara: You are such a dude.

Me: Man…just cross your fingers for me, cuz it’s about time for me to get some.