I finally called my friend Anthony last night. He lives in Arizona. Anthony and I hadn’t spoken in quite a while. In fact, he didn’t know that I had moved to Miami. He emailed me a month ago asking me to call him but I am so slow with returning emails. I read them but always intend to write back and I don’t get around to it until sometimes weeks later. Sorry.

So, a month ago Anthony emailed me telling me he had big news to share with me. Anthony is saved, Holy ghost filled, on fire for God and I LOVE talking to Him. In fact through a conversation with me, Anthony stopped running and accepted God’s calling on his life to the ministry. I was shocked and elated! Ya’ll know me, I just be running my mouth. But you never know when God will use you to be confirmation.

So,I’m jumping up and down in my seat anticipating his good news when Anthony says, “Tee, I found my wife.” Ahhhhh! No he didn’t!

I scream and run around the coffee table. This is crazy! At the end of last year he and I were talking about relationships and his desire to be a husband. He told me about the characteristics he hoped for his wife to possess. I guess when you’re talking about it beforehand it doesn’t seem real. Like I could never really believe that someone would love me the way I imagine it. It’s all fantasy to me. But for Anthony, it’s reality, not even a year later. That’s unbelievable.

“The only thing,” Anthony said. “She’s not light-skinned.” LOL Anthony had told me that he believed his wife would be light skinned with long hair. LOL I told him I would stand in agreement for his light skinned wifey.

But Anthony is so enamored by her. There was an immediate attraction but he was reserved because he was so focused on hearing from God about other areas in his life.

Once he felt that it was a mutual attraction he spoke with his Pastor about the young lady, who also belongs to his church. The Pastor stood in agreement about their compatability, so he blessed them to begin courting each other. Anthony said that they have gone through so much together already. They both had to come clean about their pasts and break ties with people who posed a threat to their union, ie; old boyfriends, flirting co-workers, etc.

The thing he loves about her the most is her ability to intercede on his behalf. When he arrived home from a men’s retreat with his church, she gave him a gift- a cassette tape. When he got home he popped in the tape and was amazed to hear that it was a tape of her praying and speaking over his life. What was more amazing is that the things she was praying about were exactly the same things he had been praying about. What a blessing it is to have a wife who hears from God and can provide a confirming word.

Before Anthony even met this chick he told me he planned to develop a master list of issues that he and his wife would have to come to an agreement on before they would get married. Things like child-rearing, financial goals & attitudes, outside friendships, career goals, their roles as partners, etc. He and this woman are already working through the list which they call The Foundation.

I can’t believe it. It’s all coming true for him. I mean, we were just talking about all of this and now it’s happening. Wow. I am really floored. He has asked me to write their love story to include with his wedding invitations and I am excited to bless him in this way. It’s really happening. I can’t believe it.