Am I up to the challenge?


100 things about myself. Let’s go.


100. It took me 6 1/2 years to finish college.

99. I hated college.

98. At first I loved college. Until I met my baby daddy.

97. I majored in magazine journalism.

96. That was a GREAT major.

95. I took economics four times.

94.The professor finally took pity on me and passed me.

93. If I’m not interested in a subject I suck at it.

92. I don’t like to suck lollipops anymore.

91. Actually I don’t eat candy at all.

90. Sugar is too sweet for me.

89. My sons are sweet.

88. They make me want to have more sons.

87. Except I have no desire to date.

88. I’m really afraid that no man will ever be satisfied with me.

87. So I’m confused because I want to be loved, but I don’t really believe it will happen.

86. I never stop believing that I will be rich and famous one day.

85. I don’t even have any doubts about that at all.

84. But I don’t know how it will happen and I get excited about the unknown because I figure any minute my destiny could come knocking at my door.

83. I got saved four years ago.

82. That was the best day of my life.

81. Everyday after that has been hard.

80. I know it is because I haven’t truly died in my old spirit and leaned totally on God.

79. I keep hoping that my good actions will please Him and He will be satisfied me.

78. I guess that goes back to believing that unless I am 100% obedient to a man, he will not love me or be pleased with me. But God isn’t like man. I have to keep reminding myself of that.

77. Some people say I have low self esteem.

76. I think everyone has self doubts but most don’t reveal it like I do.

75. But I’ll take the harsh judgements and roll on.

74. My gift is the ability to be transparent about my life and not take offense when someone judges me.

73. I never loved any man the way I loved my Pastor in Gainesville.

72. I thought he was THE GREATEST.

71. All I wanted to do was sit beside him and soak in his wisdom.

70. I miss him.

69. I have an internet boyfriend.

68. Though we rarely chat anymore.

67. I don’t chat with anyone as much as I used to.

66. I don’t miss it.

65. I have flirted with a white guy before.

64. It was kinda weird.

63. He was cool though.

62. I have two bestfriends, no, three bestfriends.

61. Their names are Anna, Tamara and Mimi.

60. Mimi is a chick that I absolutely adore.

59. She led me to Christ.

58. I cried for weeks when it finally hit me that she is getting married.

57. I felt like I was losing her to him.

56. But he is so fine!

55. Except he is light skinned.

54. I have never really been attracted to light skinned guys.

53. I like them crispy black (or not).

52. I like the contrast of their skin against mine.

51. I wear a size 10 shoe.

50. That’s pretty big for a 5’1″ woman.

49. I think it’s pretty funny.

48. I have a big nose too.

47. I think that’s funny too.

46. No one believes that I am from the ghetto.

45. They think my attitude is too different to be a Miami girl.

44. I used to admire those girls who were always up on the ghetto fashion trends.

43.  I always wanted to be hard, but I can’t fight.

42.  I’ve taken an HIV test 3 times in my life.

41. I took another one last week.

40. That walk down the hall to get your results is the most scary feeling I have ever experienced.

39. My biggest fear is falling down a flight of stairs and knocking out my two front teeth.

38. Whenever I get near a stairway I cover my mouth with one hand and grip the railing with the other.

37. I rarely curse unless I’m driving.

36. I curse everybody out while I’m on the road.

35. I’m secretly afraid that one day someone will pull out a big gun and shoot me in the face for cursing at them.

34. My mama used to curse me out when I was a kid. That’s just how she talks.

33. I promised myself I would never curse at my children.

32. And I don’t.

31. I never want to be back with my baby daddy.

30. But I still find him attractive. Shhh. don’t tell him I said that.

29. It really annoys me that his girl is so unattractive.

28. She’s annoying as heck too.

27. I admire all of my friends.

26. They are all so calm, cool and collected.

25. So different from me and my wild, emotional self.

24. For some reason they still love me to death.

23. I work for a newspaper but I never watch the news.

22. It’s too depressing.

21. I rarely watch TV.

20. I guess it’s still the college budget living attitude that has stuck with me. I didn’t have cable for years.

19. I feel good about being 25.

18. I finally feel like my life is going somewhere positive.

17. I’m an internet junkie.

16. Blogging (and reading blogs) is my favorite pastime.

15. Sometimes I feel like my life is a movie.

14. In college I watched a friend strip for a room full of ugly men, just because she needed some cash.

13. She made $200 in 20 minutes.

12. I felt sad for her.

11. We’re not friends anymore.

10. Life is like a box of chocolates.

9. If you take the time to read the candy map, you’ll know exactly what you’re gonna get.

8. I have lots of male relationships that are platonic.

7. The key is to ignore them when they try to holla at you.

6. They’ll eventually give up and love you like a sister. It works for me.

5.I have green eyes just like my mother. 

4. This is not as easy as it looks.

3. I’ll leave you with this wonderful word of wisdom that will change your life.

2. It makes me feel better even though it’s sometimes difficult to do.

1. Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.


Are YOU up to the challenge?