I feel so much better today.

Getting all of that angst out of my system helps me to feel better and I’m glad I don’t have to hide what I’m really feeling.

Yesterday I received the sweetest surprise at work. When I was hired I was told that my position would be half admiisrative and half editorial but until yesterday I have only been writing stories. To my surprise I received my job description for the administrative half and it turns out that my position is Content Manager for the magazine.

The Content Manager is responsible for overseeing the editors, freelance writers and overall production of the content of the magazine. My job is to make sure that the writers are meeting their weekly word count goals and to provide direction on the scope of the content. Basically, I’m the next best thing to an editor. In fact, I sit in on all management meetings and all of the writers are accountable to me.


This is like, my DREAM position because I love to motivate others to do well. I’m sure the writers won’t think I’m a good person because I will have to be on them about performing their job duties but I promise I will make it fun and exciting for them if they meet their weekly goals.

When we have our first editorial meeting (after I finish outlining my course of action and new policies for the writers to follow which will include increased accountability, training classes twice a month and written repercussions for writers who do not meet their goals as well as incentives for writers who exceed their goals) I plan to explain to them that I am not their babysitter but I am more like a coach, intent on helping them to accomplish their goals and to sharpen their skills as writers.

We do have several excellent writers on staff and I hope to learn from them myself as I will have a weekly word requirement too (I’ll give myself one).

I have been on this job less than two weeks and already I have a management position. I’m not worried about the salary just yet. Watch me blow their minds, increase productivity by using positive reinforcement instead of negativity and then I will ask for my raise. Even if I don’t get it, the experience I am gaining is priceless.

I can’t imagine becoming any happier than I am right now.

Think about it. I work for an Urban Lifestyle Weekly. I will tell you which one next week. Yeah, we have personal interviews with celebrities on every cover but everyday I interview the top executives in various disciplines of business asking them questions about how they gained success in life and business and writing profiles of them to feature in the paper. I’m not talking about Joe Blow at the corner store, I’m talking Fortune 500 companies, I’m talking about CEO’s and national award winners. I am gaining so much wisdom during these interviews as well as introducing myself to a variety of people who have achieved the very goals that I hope to achieve.

As Ryan would say, If I continue to surround myself with people who are doing better than me and I am eager to learn from them, one day I will be among the ranks and I can reach back and pull someone else up.

That is a common theme I have learned from the business leaders. Those who achieve the most success share their knowledge with others freely. They all seem to be eager to help, therefore assuring their consistent growth.

I’m blowed ya’ll. And not in the ‘I just put out the blunt’ type of way. I’m blowed by my life and the wonderful people who surround me, lifting me up when I fall down and speaking LIFE to me every step of the way.

In the future as I continue my climb towards my destiny I think everyone should know that I would not have made it without the friends that God placed in my life who are more inspiring to me than I could ever be to others.

God, please bless them beyond measure and allow me to be even more of a blessing to others.


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