Don’t be shy. Say Hi.

Have you ever read someone’s blog and thought, wow, that chick is so cool? Have you ever wondered what the person behind the words was really like?

Well, I must admit, I have no problem finding out for myself. If there’s someone I am interested in meeting just for a quick convo, I add’em to my buddy list- no shame in my game.

I have gotten to know a few of my favorite bloggers this way and I am extremely glad I did. My buddy list is soo tight! LOL!

I bet you all read Brutha Code, but you don’t know him like I do. He’s not as silly over IM as he is in his posts, but he’s loveable anyway and an extremely busy professional. I have no idea how I met Cymple, but we can go for hours chatting about absolutely nothing and still have a great time.

Ofcourse I can’t forget my buddy Raycita. She’s the queen of Emoticons. And Mac Marv is my new baby daddy! (jus playin) He is the one who hooked up the music on my page and when I was a new blogger, he taught me the ropes. Luv me some Mac!

Ofcourse you all know my girl Ruby. I call her the Tazmanian devil of chat! She can have 18 convos going and never miss a beat! I know she’ll be okay while she’s trying to find her way in this world. And the man all of you ladies keep talkin ’bout, #6, well, he’s on my list too. He’s sooo much fun to chat with-If you can catch him on the late night. And ofcourse my girl Thickalicious, a.k.a. my bestfriend Anna. We chat as if we both don’t live off the same main street. Check out her 100 list, she took forever to rise to the challenge, but SHE DID IT!

Nope, I didn’t forget Brenda. She’s at work so she cant chat per say, but she’ll write a mean EMAIL and we’ve been getting down like that for well over a year! Last but not least, there’s the ultra intelligent Panama and yes, he’s sexxxy. He is too much for me! I stalk him daily, wondering what life is like for a Black man on Capitol Hill.

So, you read them daily, why not take it to the next level?

Get personal with your favorite blogger.

A Dating Story

All of my friends know that I LOVE to hear stories about what’s happening in their lives, in particular, dating stories. They immediately call me to tell me the craziest things they encounter while on dates and I’ve decided to start sharing them with you. Sorry, none of my own stories, I’m just enjoying myself for the moment. ~rolls eyes~

Ofcourse, I’m changing their real names to protect their identity but you’ll get all the juciy details as told to me.

My friend “Zariah” called me last week to tell me this story.

She was getting dressed in her bedroom when her cell phone rings. It’s Evan, her old flame.

She had been seeing Evan for several years and during most of those years she was the other woman, playing the sidekick to his girlfriend. Evan broke up with his girl about 6 months ago but during that time Zariah also had almost completely stopped seeing him because she realized that she deserved more.

Evan asks her to meet up with him and Zariah tells him that she has a date for the night. “We’re going to the movies.” Zariah tells him. “Cancel your date,” Evan tells her, “You’re going out with me.”

Zariah sighs and smiles to herself. “Whatever. I gotta go.” She hangs up.

Her date Henry comes to pick her up. Henry is a guy that has been drooling over her for almost a year but she had continuously told him she had a boyfriend, to which he responded, “I don’t care. I just want some of your time.”

Zariah didn’t really have a boyfriend, but she wasn’t attracted to this guy although he was really nice. He was also loaded with money and had offered to pay her car note, all of her bills and give her spending cash whenever she needed it, if she would give him some of her time.

Zariah didn’t accept any of it. She didn’t like the guy at all. But she began to wonder why she couldn’t like the guys who liked her, so she decided to give him a chance.

They arrive at the theatre and they’re watching the movie when Zariah receives a phone call. It’s Evan.

“I see you. I’m here at the movies. Come out right now and leave that nicca sitting there.”

“Where are you? I don’t see you.”

“I see you Zariah. You’re wearing black and white.”

“Bye Evan, I’ll call you later.”

She hangs up.

Henry looks over and whispers, “Was that your man?”

Zariah’s smiles gets bigger. The perfect excuse. She doesn’t really have a man but it seems as if Evan’s annoyance could validate her lie.

“Yeah, he’s trippin.”

“Hey, let me get you home before you get into trouble.”

Evan is ringing her cell phone off the hook but she won’t answer. She’s feeling all giddy inside because now Evan is feeling the way she felt all that time when she was playing the sidekick.

They leave the theatre and arrive in front of her house in no time. She sees Evan’s car parked across the street under a tree.

Henry spots the car and sees that someone is in the drivers seat. “I knew your man would be waiting for you when we got here. But hey, let’s do this again sometime.”

“Yeah, let’s try again,” Zariah mutters and steps out of the car, relieved to be away from Henry. She just couldn’t force herself to like him, no matter how much he promised to do for her.

Henry pulls away and Zariah wonders what her next move will be. She smiles as she remembers all the hot nights she and Evan had shared in that car parked right under that tree. She had been so in love with him. She thought she was over him. She was almost sure she was.

She walks over to his car and she hears his doors unlock automatically. She steps in and sits down crossing her arms.

“So, you gonna just jump out of that fat boy car and just come sit in mine?”

She looks and him and doesn’t respond.

He looks at her as if he’s pissed. He’s so used to getting his way with her he can’t believe she was with someone else. The frown on his face dissappers as he eyes her miniskirt and flirty sandals.

“Damn girl, I missed you. Come here.” he asks. She sits stiffly until she can feel the warmth of his hands pulling her close.

She resists for as long as she can, but old habits are hard to kill.

A few days later as she’s on her way home from class her phone rings and it is Henry.

“Hey I want to see you.”

“Sorry, I’m tired. I worked all day and I just got out of class. I need to go rest.”

“Pleassse! I have something to tell you. It’s important. Just meet me at KFC down the street from your house. I’ll buy you some dinner and we can talk.”


She meets him at KFC and sits in his car. He doesn’t want to go in. He just wants to talk.

“Look Zariah. I’m in love with you.”

Her eyes get wide as she gives him a weird look.

“Yes, I am. I will do ANYTHING to have you. Please give me a chance.”

“You don’t even know me. You can’t love me, you’re crazy.”

“No, I’m not I just know what I want. And I want you. Look, I have $500 in my pocket right now. If you tongue kiss me I’ll give it to you.”

“What?! hello no!”

“Please? Ok, look, if you give me a pop kiss I’ll give you $50, right now.”

She rolls her eyes and remembers a pair of jeans she saw at the mall last week. “Does this make me a hoe? Shit, I’m gonna get this money!” She thinks to herself.

She pop kisses him on the lips and collects her money and gets out of the car.

“Later.” she tells him and drives away.

Hook Up Your Blog *Revised*

WELCOME to all of the new bloggers out there. I have such wonderful friends with interesting lives that I encouraged a few to start their own blogs and they did.

Check them out in my friends list. I want to share with you all how to get your blog hooked up.

Now I don’t know much but I do know enough to get you started.

You can get your own blog by going to Once you set up your blog and write your first entry you’re now officially a blogger.

You should begin by looking at other blogs to see what styles you like and what accessories you want to add to your own blog.

Go to and register your blog. This is a directory of blogs that you should belong to so random people can find you. If you only want your friends to find you then dont register on there, just give your blog addy to your friends.You can also use this site to browse other blogs and see what’s hot.

Next you might decide that you want to add links or something and you realize you have no idea how to do that. School time: You have to learn html codes or just visit this site for a cheat sheet: HTML Cheat Sheet

You also want to check out Lisa Explains It All. It is a great html tutorial for kids or ppl who are new to html like us.

It’s very important to get to know your template. At first it all looks like Chinese, but once you scroll through it you’ll begin to recognize where everything goes.

To add a link you have to go to your template and find the sidebar and then paste the html code for links: Visit Lisa’s Tips. Replace the bold text with the correct information.

There’s also an easier way to link to your favorite websites. At the top of your post template there is a toolbar with an icon that looks like a chain. It’s right next to the color icon. If you type in the name of your link in your post and then highlight it, then click this icon, you can type in the url to the page you want to link and presto, the icon links it for you. This way you won’t have to worry about codes.

One of the fun accessories that I found is IMOOD.COM Its a mood indicator that you can change everyday according to your mood. You can put the indicator on your web page to show everyone how you’re feeling.To add comments to your page, if you decide not to use one of the templates from blogger, which most people love to do as a form of interaction, go to and follow the instructions.

The design template of your blog is called a BLOG SKIN. There are ppl who design blog skins for you to download and use. Take a minute and browse to see all of the different templates you can download and use to decorate your blog, or do a google search for other sites that offer free templates.

If you want to add your own images you need web space. You can go to Yahoo Photos and create an online album. Once your pictures are stored here you can add them to your website as you wish by right clicking the image and selecting properties then copying the pic’s address and pasting it into the image link code.

My friend suggested using Photobucket, to store your photos. She says it is very easy to use and explains everything, or you can download the Hello Bot thing that blogger offers. I tried it, but it gave me a virus so I don’t use it, that’s why I don’t have many pics on my blog.

If you want to see who’s coming to your blog and how they were referred I recommend using Blogpatrol. This also acts as a record of how many hits you get per day. It comes with a counter that you can put on your page.

If you want more ppl to read your page then you have to put some work in. You can join any one of a million blog rings, which are lists of blogs related by topic. You should also surf the net and comment on other ppl’s blogs. That way they will check you out and decide if they like what they are reading.

Introduce yourself to the blogging world by completing the 100 things list. This list should consist of 100 random facts about you. It’s very challenging but once it’s done you’re official.

You probably can’t do all of this in one day. It will take time to develop your own style and figure out what makes your blog unique.This is not easy at all but it becomes more fun as you learn more and since there are no tests, it’s STRESS FREE!

I think I put you off to a good start, the rest you learn as you go.

Good Luck!

We’re All Alike

In the midst of my whirlwind chatting experience last night I realized something. This may not be a good idea.

See, I LOVE to hear stories, particularly stories about love and dating and the promise of love. So I’ve got all these friends who call me and share what’s going on with them in that department. I’ve got this one friend who is not afraid to start over and take a chance at love, although it never works out- she tries and tries again. I have another friend who is always eager to brag about how every guy in the world loves her and she never loves them back. Yet another friend who is stuck in a relationship that she can’t/won’t get out of because she’s comfortable yet she knows it is not in her best interest.

So I have a million and one stories being jammed into my brain. And I take them all in because, shoot, I don’t have any stories of my own. And I began to internalize what they are saying. I began to feel like there’s something wrong with me because all the interaction I get from a man are the harsh words I get from my children’s father. And you wonder why I try to get lost in my friend’s love lives.

As I meet ppl online I realize that we all have one thing in common, our search for love. There is not ONE person, male or female, that I have met yet who has ever said they were not hoping for something serious. I don’t know if it’s our age group, 25+, or if it’s the nature of bloggers to be sensitive to emotions. One could argue that people who keep online journals would have similar characteristics.

I don’t know. I’m rambling, but I’m beginning to think we have more in common that we think. That all around the world, especially during the holidays, people are sitting back and sighing and wishing that someone would hold them. Well, except for my friend who could have any man she wants. The rest of us, well, we’re left to fight through the games and uncertainties, wondering if the person we are looking for will ever surface, and feeling guilty because we have this desire.

But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to be loved/held/caressed. But why do we feel so guilty when we admit it? As if admitting that we have a need is a sign of our weakness. Why is love such a vital part of the quality of life when the yearning for it will get you laughed at or seen as frail?

Not that I want to be loved or anything. Ya know, I’m just asking…for my friend.

I’m thankful for:

Not having to work and still being able to enjoy myself and relax.

Having two sons who are so cute.

Having parents who are able and willing to help me out in my time of need (some parents couldn’t help their kids even if they wanted to)

Having such a great group of friends who allow me to pour out my life to them in such a dramatic way.

Being able to be myself and receive those who accept me for me.

The breeze on a humid day.


My car that doesn’t look like much but hardly ever gives me trouble.

Overcoming past mistakes.

My salvation and God’s guidance.

My baby daddy, without him, I wouldn’t have my sugarpops.

Being an inspiration to some.

Not having to repent about having sex. It’s been a minute.

My friend Mimi, she loves me.

Being able to listen to my friends stories and catching up with old friends.

Friends who show up and give me gas money.

Friends like Dianna, who take me out to eat.

Phone calls from my crazy friend Kim who whispers, “Don’t talk, just listen,” as she reads me a poem she found. LOL!

Having two healthy babies, short labors, no drugs and no complications.

A wonderful 25th birthday celebration.

Being able to start over and facing uncertainty with determination.

Having the guts not to give up.

My teeny weeny afro, and having brothers who are barbers.

Being able to hold my degree in my hand. I still can’t believe I really did it!

Having a mother who makes jello shots and watches movies with me.

Being a parent and realizing how difficult it must have been for my own parents (and appreciating them more)

The cool ppl I meet online that share without worrying about being judged or judging me.

Having a medium for my writing.

Looking damn good after having two kids.

The forces of nature that attract good ppl to me.

Realizing that giving love is a choice.

Thanks for sharing with me and allowing me to share.

Happy Thanksgiving FRIENDS!

So Thanksgiving Day was beautiful

I woke up to the sound of the phone ringing and my Mama’s voice speaking to the person on the other end.

“Goodmorning. Happy Thanksgiving to you too. Yeah, she’s here but she’s sleeping. You want me to wake her up? Ok. I’ll tell her to call you right back. Bye.”

I roll over and squeeze my eyes shut. My Mama walks in. “Your baby daddy just called. He said call him back right now.”

I look at the clock, it’s only 8:30. Why can’t this nicca let me sleep in for ONCE in my life? See, he had picked up the boys yesterday to spend Thanksgiving with him and I was so looking forward to doing the ONE thing I can never do, sleep in without having kids crawling all over me telling me they wanna watch TV, they wanna eat breakfast, their brother punched them in the eye.

But I smiled anyway and called the sucka back. He didn’t like the clothes I had packed for them and wanted me to pick out some more outfits so he could take them out visiting family all day. (He’s from Miami too, but he doesn’t live here.) I sorted through all of their stuff. I must admit, I ain’t the least bit organized. I don’t see the point in folding clothes when you gotta unfold them to see what shirt you’re holding and you STILL have to iron it anyway. ahh.. I think I’m just lazy.

So I pack them some more clothes and call him to come get them. When he arrives I’m just pulling out to go pick up my aunt for dinner. Yeah, it’s noon and dinner is already ready. My Mama likes to get that stuff done so she can sleep all day.

I pick up my aunt and we come back to chow. She’s never seen White Chicks so I put it in for her while we eat. Man, I love that movie! Especially when they’re at the front desk of the hotel and they’re trying to check in and one of those White Chicks is feigning like she’s writing a letter and saying: “Dear Mr. Royal Hamptons. I…am….a….WHITE WOMAN…IN..AMERICA….”

I was cracking up on that one! I mean that was sooo funny. Cuz he is implying that simply because he is white in America he shouldn’t have to deal with certain behavior.

~sigh~Yeah… I know you feelin me. Sometimes you gotta laugh so you don’t cry.

And I’m wildin out when the dude, Latrell, is singing in the car, “You know I’d walk a thousand miles, if I could just see you…tonight.” LOL!

But my FAVORITE part of the movie was when they were in the club and these two rival socialite groups start battling with dance moves. Come on, dawg, that was hilarious! Imagine if you seen that mess for real at the club? And these two white chicks started breakdancing! Oh my gosh…! I died!

Ha… That was funny, he he…

So after that we’re chillin and I am flipping through channels to see what’s on cuz I never watch TV and we pass this show called Dance 360 or something. I usually can’t stand this show but THIS time they have lil kids on there and I LOVE watching lil kids jook!

So they have these 6 kids battling it out for an Xbox. This one lil girl introduces herself like, “Hi, I’m Megan (or whatever) and I’m from (wherever) and I just want to come here and show everyone that white girls CAN dance!” I roll my eyes. Puhleeease.

But she was right. That chick was too good. She almost won too except it came down to her and this lil black boy named Tiny C who danced just like yo black lil cousin would dance. I mean he had SOME skills, but I think it was just plain funny how when kids get serious when they’re dancing their face scrunches up into this scowl and they jerk their bodies around and you’re wondering whether you should clap, laugh or call 911.

Yeah, that was funny.

By this time I was ready for the main event. I picked up the remote, refilled my cup with strawberry soda and clicked play. Ahhh…Brown Sugar.

I love this damn movie. Not only do I think Sanaa Lathan is like the best thing since Jada Pinkett, I really love the role she plays in this movie. I mean, its my dream career all on a screen for me to cry over. She’s this tight writer who gets promoted to Editor of a big time Hip Hop magazine. She’s writing a book thats personal yet informative and she so georgeous.

She’s not just georgeous like most typical beauty queens. She isn’t just some paper bag colored version of Barbie like SOME Black women in television who so many people fawn over as the ideal Black image of beauty. Sanaa Lathan is your ideal cute chick, whose girl-next-door persona has propelled her to the front lines of stardom.

Sorry, let me just get this out! I just can’t get over how we tend to elevate these Black women who have more Caucasion features than African American ones. We’re sitting up talking bout, mmm, Halle Berry is sho’ll boo’ful. And Halle Berry look like Barbie! Yeah, Barbie is the supposed ideal image of beauty but dang what about Lauryn Hill with those full lips and exotic eyes? What about that other chick, you know the one who lost all those Grammy’s to Alicia Keys a couple of years back? Dang, what’s her name? Those women have classic African American features are are not deemed as appealing as their lighter, button nosed counterparts.

And yeah, you may be saying, “Come on Ms. Tee, you’re kinda light skinned there… and I don’t believe you talking about Caucasian features with your light green eyes!” Well, all I can say is. FORGET YOU! I get it from my Mama.

Yeah I may be a bit color struck in reverse. Or maybe it’s just the part of me that always wants the underdog to see the beauty they have too. And in this case, in America, the underdog has always been the woman who does not have Caucasion features. These magazines got us wanting to put colored contacts in, KEEP some weave in our hair or at the very least PERM it for goodness sakes! “How can you walk around with that nappy stuff? That ain’t professional!”


So ANYWAY, back to my day…

I really enjoy watching every part of this movie and I cry when Dre is standing outside of the DJ booth looking at Sidney and professing his love for her live on the radio as she’s being interviewed on Hot 97. Man, sometimes you have to take a risk to receive love. No, scratch that, finding love ALWAYS involves taking a risk.

So, the movie ends and my aunt is ready to go home and surprisingly I’m zipping through traffic on I-95 like I’m a Miami native. FINALLY.

I get home to peace and quiet cuz everyone is asleep and my mind drifts off to the novel I am writing for NaNoWriMo. I love the characters that I have created and I honestly look forward to seeing what will happen to them. As everyone knows, Black novels must have lots of drama and I assure you I am bringing it in full force.

Now that I’ve exhaled I can relax and get back to my novel. It seems like Michelle and Jalen are the perfect couple, or are they?

The Continuation Of My Wonderful Weekend…

But my wonderful weekend didn’t end on Thanksgiving.

No, no, no, it didn’t. It turned out that my bestfriend Anna had Friday night off from work and our other bestfriend Tamara was in Miami for the weekend so we decided that we would spend an evening together. Now, this is a BIG deal because Tamara, Anna and I had not hung out together since my graduation last year.

Before I made arrangements for our night out I had to wake up early to face the crazy crowds at the mall where I’ve been working at Express for the past two weeks. Yay! I realize that I CAN keep a secret.

Black Friday

For those who love to fight other shoppers and wild out trying to find the best deals, Black Friday is the perfect day. My feet hurt so much running behind shoppers trying to show them these damn cashmere scarves we were giving away with each purchase.

I kept getting shot down: “Um, nice scarf, but this is Florida, we don’t need those!” “Well, it’s all about accessorizing darling. Be pretty, PRETTY!” I’d say with a nice British/English or whatever you want to call it accent.

Two guys come in and they’re very, um, effiminate and I’m showing them the scarves and they’re like, “Ooh, Cashmere.” Then they touch it. “Uh, uh honey, this isn’t cashmere.” They look at the tag. “10% cashmere? Riiiigghhht.”

Ever wonder why you see the sales associates buzzing around the store so much? Guess what? THEY MAKE US DO IT! We are not allowed to just stand there and chill. We have to do a figure 8 around the store at all times. I’m running around till I get dizzy. I’m folding sweaters that don’t need folding, I’m making sure that all the hangers are exactly 1/8 of an inch apart, I’m smiling and greeting everyone and my head is hurting from being so fake.

But damn, its a paycheck and I work in the men’s section so there’s always these cuties coming in that I get to ogle. Yeah!

What we gonna do?

So, I get home and call Tamara. “You want to go out tonight?” “Yeah, let me know what we’re doing? Call Anna and see what she says.” I call Anna.

Me: Tamara says she’s down to go out. How about we all go out to dinner?- I ask sounding excited.

Anna: No. ~she laughs~ You mad?

I suck my teeth and think to myself, I know she aint about to suggest we go to that ghetto ass club called Bermudas.

Anna: Why don’t we go to Bermudas?

Me: I don’t think Tamara would want to do that, but let me check. Call you back.

I call Tamara.

Me: Girl, don’t you know Anna suggested that we go to that old ghetto club Bermudas. I know you don’t want to go there.

Tam: Yeah, it sounds like fun. Besides when was the last time we ALL went out together. Tee, it’s been almost a year.

Me: Man, I HATE that club. Last time I went, this dude burned me with his cigarette and I still have a scar. They ugly up in there!

Tam: Don’t be mad cuz your behind ran into that boy cigarette! ha, ha.. You like how I changed that around on you, didn’t you?

Me: ~sucks teeth~ I HATE ya’ll. Bye.

I call Anna and she says she has to call her other friends to see what time they’re going to meet there. In the meantime I log on to AIM and see #6 aka Derrick, is online. I’m trying to see if he has tickets to the FIU and FAMU football game that everyone is talking about. And #6 always has tickets to the events going on at his school so I’m expecting the hook-up.

He doesn’t have anymore tickets. But he says that one of his friends is throwing a get-together in Broward County. I get the info and hope my girls will at least wanna stop by before we head out to Hell aka Club Bermudas.

But God is good. Anna calls me and says, “Girl, I just heard that they are now letting 18 yr olds into Bermudas. I ain’t trying to be up in there with no lil kids. We gotta find a new spot.”

Thank you, Lord! I tell her about Derrick’s party and she says she’s down to go there instead. I’m so happy! It’s a little after 9pm and we all decide to take a nap until 11 and then wake up and get ready to go out.

Sometime between then and 11pm I develop this sniffle. At first it’s just a tickle in my throat. Then it turns into a burning sensation. As I get undressed to take my shower, it turns into a full fledged sneezing fit and it won’t stop!

Sometimes he’s just #6

I’m playing my nose like an harmonica when my cell phone rings. I hold my breath and try to control myself as I answer. It’s Derrick and he’s telling me that there are 12 guys at the get-together and only 1 girl. He says he doesn’t know if it’ll be worth the drive up to Broward. “Well, I’m already dressed and I was about to go get my girl. Hmm. 12 guys and 1 girl- shoot, if they’re cute that means more guys for us! We’ll call you when we get close.”

I go pick up Tamara and we get back to my house as Anna is pulling up. We all hop in Anna’s car and I take two quick puffs of my inhaler. I hate the winter, my asthma always acts up on me. I’m still sneezing and Anna and Tamara are like, “damn Tee, you still do that?”

I roll my eyes and blow my nose loudly in their ears. “Bltthhhhhhhhhh!”

“Oh yeah,” I tell them leaning forward in the back seat. “I forgot to mention, I never met this guy.”

They stop the music.

Tam: You’re just like my roommate. She’s always dragging me somewhere to meet some guy and when we get there I’m like, Where is he? and she’s like, I dont know he’s supposed to be wearing a red shirt. ha, ha..

Anna: So we could be on our way to get killed! Out in the middle of nowhere! Thanks Tee.

Me: You’re welcome.

When we get to Flagler I call D and tell him that we’re close. He says he’ll meet us at the gas station so we can follow him into the housing development.

Now, unlike most online hook-ups, I’m not nervous about meeting Derrick. I mean, he’s 19, an athlete and very good looking- hold up- why wasn’t I nervous? Dang, he’s just my type. Well, for some reason, I wasn’t nervous. I wasn’t trying to hook up with him. I just think he’s cool.

We’re driving through the development and our mouths drop open at all the nice cars in the neighborhood. Tamara spots a house with two BMW’s and a Jaguar parked out front. “Um,” she asks, “Can we go in there?” pointing to the house.

We park and I step out the car. Don’t laugh at me but since I was not feeling well, I put on a turtle neck sweater, some heavy jeans and some pointy toed boots. Not exactly party attire, but hey, I was cold. My friends are looking partyish in heels and girly stuff, but oh well.

Derrick steps out of his car and my first thought was, dang, he’s very light skinned. My second thought was, dang he’s short. My next thought, dang we look like we could be related or something.

I smile and give him a hug and introduce him to my friends. We all walk into this huge house and Anna says to me,” I feel like I’m the damn chaperone up in here.” She’s referring to the 21 and under crowd that we had just walked into. Lots more kids had arrived by then.

I’m all happy cuz you know I like young guys and all of these guys are so cute and so tender! Mmmmm!

But I’m all talk and no action, as usual, and D fixes us all a drink and I drink mine in like 30 seconds and then start dancing to the soca music that they are playing. I’m no dancer, so I’m looking like a geek up there but I’m just enjoying myself because I’m out with my girls and when you’re with your girls, nothing matters except having fun with them.

So it’s getting stuffy in there and me and my girls step outside onto the patio area. Now this is a nice house, we all agree. We were overlooking a kidney shaped pool and heated jacuzzi that had lights flashing that turned the water different colors. It turns out that the guy who is throwing the party is upstairs sick and his parents are out of town. Aww.. how cute.

Anna is acting all ghetto talking about,” Damn one day Ima be living like this. For real, for real. This shit is nice! Damn, that water look good as hell! Ima bout to dive in that mutha.”

I’m like damn Anna just let everybody know we from the hood where the only pool we see are the ones we get from Walmart and fill up with city water in the front yard so the kids can play. She acting all goo-goo ova the house and I’m just laughing at her silly behind.

Conversation is all a blur and before I know it we’re sitting with our feet in the jacuzzi and two guys are walking over to us handing us t-shirts. We all look at each other and say, What the hell? These lil boys ain’t gonna do nothing. We take off our clothes and put on the white tees and hop in the jacuzzi. The steam is so nice. The jet streams are making out booties itch but the water feels absolutely lovely. My nasal passages are now all clear.

The only thing wrong was this fly buzzing around us the whole night. I think his name was Charlie or something I don’t know. All I know is he was actin like a jit the whole night. And me, as usual playing the Mama role, told him, “If you ever want to make a move on a woman, don’t ask, just do it.” Anna agreed. “If a man asks for a kiss from me, he won’t get it.” “But if he just goes for it, it’s like damn, he got heart,” Tamara adds.

We chill in the jacuzzi for about 30 minutes while all these flies buzz around talking smack. Let’s see, you got 3 half-naked women in the jacuzzi, What would you do if you were a guy? Ahh…Innocence. That’s why I like young guys. They don’t know what to do. You can mold them into what you want.

It’s not like we wanted them to try to hit on us or anything, but damn, instead of sitting by talking bout, “What ya’ll workin with?” “What ya’ll gonna do?” At least just join us and let’s enjoy some conversation. With the exception of one, they were all sitting in chairs, just…looking.

Where was Derrick this whole time? I think he came out once and went back in. He was playing the host for the party and was a very good one I might add.

Overall I give the party an A, cuz they had good music, cute guys and Derrick was an excellent host.

Ya’ll don’t need to know where we went after the party, but let’s just say I didn’t get home until 6am.

Riding Around

So I slept until 2:30 the next day. I woke up with a migraine from my teeth grinding all night. Tamara woke me up reminding me that I was supposed to take her and her mother out to run errands.

I get up and get dressed and tell my lil sis to get ready too. She had already asked me to take her to Best Buy so I figured we could do all that while we’re out.

We run like a million errands and while my sis is trading in her Ipod for another one, Tamara’s mother, Tamara and I enjoy nice pedicures and massages.

Baby Daddy Drama

It’s already dark when we get home and I’m pooped, but ofcourse Tamara and I make plans to go out again that evening. As soon as I walk in my Mama says, “Your baby daddy been calling you all day. He said call him as soon as you get in.”

Like an IDIOT I call him. Our conversation goes like this:

Him: Hey, I have to go to church early in the morning so I may have to bring the boys back early. (church? yeah right)

Me: NO! You said you were keeping them until Sunday at noon. I have plans. I’m not gonna change them.

Him: Your Mama’s home. She can keep them!

Me: NO! You keep them! You already agreed!

Him: Fuck this. I’ll be there in 15 minutes.

He hangs up in my face.

I start crying. I’m so pissed off. I try not to write too much negative stuff about my baby daddy cuz honestly he’s not a bad baby daddy he just treats me like I’m garbage. And honestly, I like to read my archives and I dont want to read a bunch of entries where I’m crying over how he’s being rude to me.

But this nicca is an ASSHOLE to me! He constantly tries to demean me by calling me names an telling me I’m a horrible mother. But this time, I decide to stand up for myself, cuz I usually don’t. And he’s totally going against our agreement. He thinks he can just decide he doesnt want to keep them and just drop them on me. He did the same thing LAST TIME he was here!

I’m seething. I’m sitting in my car, waiting for him to pull up. As promised he pulls up and gets out. I get out to and walk up to him.

“You think you gonna keep disrespecting me like this? I told you not to bring them here. I told you I had plans!”

“Man, fuck your plans I can do this cuz you don’t even take good care of them anyway! Look at you, all dressed up. You been gone all day! You can stay in the house!”

“You know what nicca, you gonna pay for this! You’re gonna pay!”

“Yeah, I know it. All you think about is money. You’re after my money, you’re after me. But whatver!”

“Naw, nicca I ain’t talkin about money, I’m talking about KARMA! You’re gonna get yours.”

I usher my boys, who are now crying, into the house. Before I can close the door, I feel something pop me in the back of my head. This nicca done threw something at me! I turn around and pick up two shirts on hangers. I throw them back on the ground and slam the door.

My Mama is like: Don’t worry Tee, go out I’ll take care of them. But I don’t want to go out. I want to kick his butt! I head straight to the police station to press charges on his ass for battery. but as I’m sitting talking to the officer, I change my mind. Naw, I ain’t gonna go this route, I got another trick up my sleeve for his behind.

So I call Tamara and tell her to get dressed cuz I’m coming to pick her up.

South Beach Baby!

I’m calmed down as I’m riding down 17th ave to her house. I decide that this nicca is NOT worth me staying inside dwelling on his dumb behind. I am going out. I am going to have a good time.

Tamara and I leave her house without a destination in mind. I suggest going to South Beach cuz the only time i had ever been there was with my baby daddy when we were dating and it’s a WHOLE different experience when you’re not with your girl.

We get to South Beach and we can tell it’s a slow night cuz it’s drizzling. Tamara and I are driving around and smiling at all of the beautiful architecture, bright lights and interesting looking people. There are tons of clubs on South Beach so we park and just walk the strip, talking looking at people.

We are accosted by several party promoters who put bands around our wrists promising us free admission and free drinks all night if we go to their club. Free drinks? No cover? Sounds good to me.

We walk into this club called Club Red. We immediately head to the bar to get a free drink. When we walk away I almost run into these two white girls making out on the dance floor. After we’re finished with our drink we leave and go into another club. We didn’t have to wait in line, as soon as the doorman saw us he told everyone to step aside and let us in for FREE! I LOVE being a girl!

This club is called Club Empire. And I think it was made just for me. All my dreams came true as I surveyed the crowd. It was as if someone said, Hmm, what kind of man does Tee like to look at? Ok, let’s clone him and fill this club up with them.

I was in CHICO HEAVEN! There they were, all clean cut and dressed so precisely. I thought I was going to faint. Ofcourse you can’t go anywhere with Tamara, AKA the man magnet cuz no one is gonna pay any attention to you. That chick could be wearing a garbage bag and STILL get more play than me. But I ain’t mad, I’m just laughing as she shoos them away.

The one thing I am getting compliments on all night long is my hair. One guy actually grabs me, “Ven aqui Mami! (Come here Mama). I stop, cuz he’s damn cute. He runs his hand over my head. “So Sexy,” he drools. “So sexy!”

I’m baldheaded and they love it!

After feasting my eyes on all of the sexy men I’m ready to go and Tamara is down for whatever and we leave to walk the strip some more. I think we went to about five clubs that night. They’re all storefront clubs so they’re side by side and packed with people of all colors.

The last club we went into was the icing on the cake. It was called Club Deep. The dance floor was actually sitting on top of an aquarium, so as you’re dancing you look down and see all these fish swimming around.

They were playing all the old jams from my high school days. I’m talking bout all the old school Miami bass! I was in heaven and shaking what my mama gave me all night long! I was loooose!

We left South Beach at about 2:30 am and I dropped Tamara off and went home to cuddle with my sons and deal with this painful tootache that I have.

I’m feeling good and I’m so glad that I got to hang out with my girls this weekend.