You wouldnt believe it to look at me but I’ve had my fair share of heartbreak when it came to relationships. I dont know if anyone can relate but the men I have given my body to all seem to run away soon after.

They crushed hard and so did I and then once the moment of lust was over they lost interest in me. This always caused me to wonder what was wrong with me. Why couldnt I get any man to want me, to want to be with me? It would send me into bouts of depression, always hoping that I would never allow myself to be hurt like that again.

But it did happen, again and again. “This will be different,” I told myself. It never was.

I was giving away my husband’s gift to men who never deserved it, in hopes that one day I would be enough for someone. The relationship with my children’s father was no differeft. Full of hope and hurt on both of our parts. What we wanted out of a relationship was never received but we could never let go, hoping that things would change. It never did.

Now, something just hit me. None of those men would ever be satisfied with me and I could never be satisfied by them. The only man that would ever look at me and see my treasure is the man that God has for me. God DOES have someone special for you and I can’t say when it will happen, all I know is until God sends that person, there will be much heartache each time you give your heart to others.

Yes, men were running away from me, and it was all a part of God’s plan. He kept them away. He protected me somewhat, even after my foolish decisions, and He saved me from uniting with someone who could not join with me and allow me to accomplish God’s will for my life.

See, God has a specific purpose for you. No person’s purpose is greater than the next. And if God’s plan for you is to be married and you allow Him to prepare you, to love you, to heal your wounds, you will receive all that He has intended for you. Yes, I mean love and purpose. A love that you or I can not imagine. There is such a thing as true love, but it won’t happen by chance or by luck.

True love is attained when you allow God to love you and you put your hope in Him, not hoping for love, because it is already there.