Yearning To Talk Politics

My life is a miracle.

It’s amazing to me that we are nearing another presidential election and the two front runners for the Democratic ticket are both members of a minority group.

Who do I support? Umm…I don’t know. My gut says, “He’s a BLACK man! YAY! Vote for him just to see what will happen!” LOL!

And I think that’s what I’ll do.

I interviewed him last year and here’s the resulting story. When I listen to the tape I sounded like a ghetto chickenhead while I was trying to get his attention, “Senator OhhhBAHHHMA! Senator OhhhBAHHHMA!”

Lord, help me with my voice.

I really wish my friend Bernard was here so that I could talk politics with him. He has a way of explaining things to me that makes me feel empowered instead of stupid for not understanding in the first place.

Bernard is either in Iraq or on his way there, but he won’t be fighting, he’s in intelligence so he sits in front of the computer all day. ~smile~

I miss him.

He’s really my friend. I love everything about him and he gets on my nerves at the same time, but I love him anyway because he is who he is. And he feels the same way about me.


I miss him. I want to talk to him.

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