Oh my gosh. Boy I tell you. I never learn. I’m new in this industry right, so I’m not as star struck as a lot of people because it was not something I idolized. Man..I really need to step outside of my box socially. I still freak out when I’m in large crowds. My arms get jittery and my energy is throwed off.

But tonight I just took a walk and breathed and it calmed down. I was able to get my interview and go home.
Chugging along in school… Laughable. But still trying. I’m feeling so grateful for life right now.
These things are all TRUE!
I am so happy and grateful now that… 
My sister got her own apartment in Broward and it’s so cute. She just got a new car too. ANd everytime I see her she looks better and better!
Anna is blowing my mind after changing her mentality about renting, she is now a homeowner! Yay! I can’t wait to go see!
Kim is PREGNANT! Hell naw! LOL! This is gonna be one dramatic ride! Kim just got married iN December and now she’s a Mommy to be! Wow. The world moves so fast!
My Baby Daddy had his little girl last week or so. Wow.
I went to my cousin’s house tonite and it was so beautiful! I was so proud of her because her last place was supersmall, but it was nice. Now this one is 3x’s the size and its so CLEAN! So happy and proud of her!
I got my haircut. I chopped that afro off and I’ve been feeling like a QUEEN ever since! I dont care what nobody say— bald headed bitches turn heads too! I love my haircut!
I am still in school. I’m trying….
I had a great audition the other day. Even though the show was canceled, the casting director told me I did a great job AND the best part is… I fell in LOVE with the audition process! That process was exhilarating and exciting and I am sooo good at doing it! I LOVE IT! ~sigh~
I kinda like…love my life right now.