What Do You Believe?

I woke up today with this question on my mind…

I’m stable enough now to explore it, and so I will.

Did I create God?

No, I’m not talking about in the sense that it was ME who first created the universe. I’m more so speaking of the fact that my BELIEF in God gives Him a distinct existence in my life. If I didn’t believe in Him, I would never attribute any of my blessings or trials to His will.

What if I didn’t believe in miracles? I would probably attribute anything fantastic that happens to me…to pure good luck, wouldn’t I?

I think our belief in anything gives it power and our attention to that belief causes us to view circumstances through the vantage point of that belief.

I know religion is a touchy subject because everyone believes their faith to be the one true faith but really…a religious conviction is just a strong belief, a deep seeded pattern of thought that you happen to agree with. But I’ll step away from religion and talk about my relationships to men and how my beliefs affect those to avoid offending anyone.

If I truly believed that God had a perfect person for me and that person could never be kept from me or taken away, then I wouldn’t be upset when any man walked out of my life. I’d have to look at it as if God was removing yet another person who didn’t belong with me. But if I didn’t believe that there was a God, or I didn’t believe in the concept of soulmates, chances are I’d grasp on to any person who I thought was cool, just because I want a companion. And guess what? Neither belief guarantees a successful relationship, so no one can say which is better.

Our beliefs affect every facet of our lives and shape the way we view our reality. Two people could have the exact same experience, and because of their beliefs, one could become traumatized and another joyful.

Take for instance two people who’s car was stolen on the same day. One person cried out in agony because they know that they can’t afford another car, while the other person cried out in joy because they believe that when they lose something it is because something better is on the way.

Because the first person BELIEVES that they can not replace their car, they probably won’t even try, affirming their belief. The second person will probably be on the lookout for their upgrade and will be more likely to identify an opportunity when it presents itself. Do you get it?

There are no wrong beliefs in regards to religion or our perspectives on dealing with the circumstances in our lives. The area we need to work on is aligning our beliefs to those that will provide us with the greatest joy and peace of mind.

People all over are searching for TRUTH when they don’t realize that any TRUTH is their choice. Any TRUTH is their belief system, their hearts viewing their reality through their own unique lens.

Whatever your belief, do it with passion, live it with conviction and be sure that it connects you to whatever feeling you want to experience most. If Buddha gets you closer to inner peace, practice that more. If fasting and praying helps you to believe God will work quicker for you, then do that.
If the fear of condemnation is the only way that you will walk a righteous path then continue to live in fear.

Wow..I’m finally understanding what the saying means, “We create our reality.” Our beliefs provide the distinct viewpoint in which we react to the things, people and circumstances that are in our environment.

We create our happiness or pleasure through our beliefs. We create our success or failure through our beliefs.

What do you believe? What are you creating? If it doesn’t serve you well in life, all you have to do is change it.

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