What are you thinking?

My life IS a miracle.

I know it’s hard to break years of conditioning that has forced us to believe that “they” are out there trying to bring us down. We believe that in order to achieve happiness we must take into account the adverse side to happiness and we prepare for the worst just so we won’t be dissappointed if we don’t see the realization of our true desires.

“He’s nice but…he could turn out like all the rest.”

“This is a good job but…I don’t want to get too comfortable because they could fire me at any time.”

“I want to own my own home but…people all around are foreclosing and losing theirs…”

We ASK for success, we really WANT it, but we PREPARE for failure.

Why is that?

Why is it that we can’t expect everything to be alright?

I’m not even preaching, I’ve been dealing with this today and I’m really talking to myself.

As I go about my freelance writing assignments, go on job interviews and even explore different avenues to transition myself to where I want to be, there’s a little negative voice that keeps saying, “This won’t work. You’re going to be stuck here. Everything that they have said about you is right. You won’t make it. Try again. They won’t respond to you. They don’t like you, etc.”

So my heart thinks it’s preparing to not get too happy just in case but its really sealing the demise of my dream if i choose to focus on the negative “what if” for too long.

But honestly, I know that isn’t true. Life is sooo seasonal. I’ve had seasons where I loved what I was doing professionally and I’ve had seasons where I’ve longed for more.

Since I believe in my dream of publishing books that will help the masses love themselves more and rid themselves of self sabotage, I’ve actually created my own path of struggle that is oh so necessary. How can I write about things I have not gone through myself? I WILL FIGURE THIS OUT…for you and for me.

I am in the place I want to encourage people to rise above. I’ve tried and I’ve believed and I’ve failed and I’ve tried again and I’ve risked it all and I’ve cried and I’ve fell out from exhaustion. But the best thing is, I’m STILL TRYING.

I’m defining my path by my choice to keep it moving.

I keep it moving by continuing to do my best and continuing to dream regardless of what I see in front of me. I keep it moving by continuing to be a blessing to my life coaching clients. My words of encouragement to them uplift me during the times when I allow my vision to become cloudy.

I am who I BELIEVE I am.

You are who you BELIEVE you are.

And your thoughts and beliefs are in direct alignment with what’s coming into your future.

What are you thinking?

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