Well. I finished my last day at The VA Medical Research Center.


No more research for me. Now that I’m done I look back and I see that I’m not going to miss that place at all and I’m so excited to see what God has in store for me next.

I made arrangements to cancel my phone and cable/dsl. I have to go get my old car fixed for my little sister since I’m giving it to her, she is paying for the repairs and I am flat broke. No more income for me until I receive my new job so it’s going to be a little tight but we’ll get through it.

Tomorrow I start packing and giving stuff away.

9 more days until I make that five hour one way trip to Miami.

My mama is so excited to be able to have her grandchildren near her and watch them grow. Their paternal grandmother lives in Miami too so she’s ecstatic about them being around since she has no family left in Miami. My boys are going to be getting so much love and I can’t imagine what it is going to be like to have so many people around who are going to want to come and get them. Both of their godmothers live there and they have so many cousins to play with.

I can imagine myself going to my cousin Shawn’s house and saying, “Now ya’ll go and play,” while me and my cousins kick it on the porch and talk. Life is going to be so different.

So different.

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