Damn, after meeting all of these random men in this first half of the year I have to sit back and evaluate what kind of men I attract and why they are good (or bad) for me.

The Educated Brotha
Ain’t nothing turns me on more than an educated brotha. Introduce me to a man with multiple degrees and some letters after his name and I’m drooling. I expect him to have an extensive vocabulary and I start to tingle when he uses words I don’t know. I LOVE THAT SHIT! ~faints~
Pro: I learn a lot if he’s patient enough to explain to me what the hell he’s talking about.
Con: He knows that there are not many men out there doing their thing so he often walks around like he’s the first Black President.

The Arrogant Brotha
For some reason EVERY freakin man that I am attracted to will sit in my face and tell me that he is arrogant. Why do they tell me that? Is that supposed to impress me or is that a warning?
Pro: Arrogant men usually have something to be arrogant about.
Con: Arrogant men always think they are a step ahead of you and that you need to catch up with them.

The Young Brotha
Ooh Lawd, I may get into trouble for this one but the youngins LOVE Ms. Tee.
Pro: They are so eager to prove to you that they are grown. It’s cute.
Con: They ain’t ready…

The White Brotha
I think they think I’m exotic or something. One White Brotha told me, “Your skin is so beautiful, and when you sat next to me and I saw the contrast, oh, that was so nice. I think about that all the time.”
Pro: Nicer than most men I’ve met.
Con: I have this fear in the back of my mind that they can’t be serious about liking me.

The Old School Brotha
Ever since I’ve moved back to Miami, seriously, dudes have GOOGLED me (and used other crazy methods to find me so that they could tell me that they have loved me since MIDDLE SCHOOL! WTF?
Pro: It’s always nice to know someone thinks you’re great.
Con: They try too hard and I’m not interested. You couldn’t have me then, why would you think you could have me now?

The Passive Brotha
He’s the one with all the hints and no guts to go for the glory. Always saying things like, “Well, I sure don’t have anything to do this weekend.” But he never really asks me out. He just waits and hopes for me to give him the number, I do, finally, and he STILL doesn’t do anything, waiting for ME to make the next move.
Pro: Things will never go further than I want it to.
Con: Am I the MAN? Ugh… Men who want to be chased seem girly to me. And if it’s not about wanting to be chased then he’s lazy as hell and won’t be worth a damn in the bedroom.

The Internet Brotha *my fave*
He’s hundreds of miles away. But just one click away. I’ll never meet him, I’ll never have to deal with him. I can be as raw as I want WHEN I want. Communication is by MY choice. No wacko’s showing up at my crib unnanounced. No craziness. Just whatever I need, when I need it and that’s that. No strings.
Pro: I never have to wear make-up or find an outift.
Con: I look like the biggest loser with my overindulgent semi-fantasy online life.

I’m looking forward to meeting:

The Hispanic Brotha
The ‘I Can Hit It Right, (yeah) All Night (yeah)’ Brotha
The Fabulously Successful and Rich type Brotha
The Unique Brotha (who can handle a woman like me)

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