Tonight I asked my Mama if she thought I represented Christ. She said No.

This shook me because I was thinking the same thing. I think I hang onto my friends who are not strong in Christ and shy away from the seemingly Holy women at church is because I feel like they will be boring and not understand me.

Maybe I’m wrong. I love my friends but with the exception of one, most of them are living lives that I think are compromising, yet they love Christ. They all love God, but they do their thing and say that they are trying and God still loves them. I believe that to be true, God still loves them. So, I dont know what to say.

My Mama says that all my greatest moments should be celebrated on my knees giving honor to God, not with a full bar like I had at my graduation party.

So, what is a true Christian? How do I really represent Christ? By keeping my face in the Word, never having another drink and never thinking about a husband? I already stay in the house 24/7, I don’t date, I am joined to a church, I’m not wild like I was, I never hang out with anyone really. I’m not bad.

My heart says I am saved and I can see the change in my life. I know God loves me and covers me. Still, why don’t I represent Christ? What else do I have to do?

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