Tiny Update


I finished my paper last week and I didnt even break a sweat while doing it. I love research. I love writing. If it wasn’t for the stupid politics in academia, I’d get my PhD.
I met a customer yesterday who is working on his doctorate and we spoke for a minute about how politics kills the whole fun of learning. He told me that he took a class and the professor told him that he was a horrible writer and with a surname like his, he would never make it. Then the professor failed him.
He is now taking the class again and the new professor is LOVING his work and he’s made all A’s on his assignments. See how subjective that shit is? If it was for the mere fun of it, i’d get a PhD. I don’t really want to teach at a college but I do want to learn to research and design studies and stuff. Who knows what will happen?
I’m having a great day today. Tomorrow I get to pick up my boys and we’re gonna eat out again! I adore them. There’s no other way for me to show it right now so I hope my words and hugs and kisses are enough.
I spoke with DEEP last night. The convo was crazy. He was all angry sounding and I guess I would be too if I were him because I changed my number and didn’t give it to him…but…if we’re really friends we’ll get over it. I wonder if we are.
I’m updating my youtube channel more often and trying to update my other blog too. I’m still on TWITTER being emotional and talking trash with the ppl I follow. Thanks so much to everyone who is subscribing to all of them. I do it for the fun of it in hopes that you will smile and have a bright day.
I keep reading that things manifest quickly when you DESIRE then RELEASE the desire so I desire:
A beautiful, spacious home with my sons that I can afford.

A nanny to help when I have to go to work.

A chance to do my creative thing in ANY area and get paid abundantly.
I keep going after opportunities but none have been a good match. I’m not pressured anymore but I would like to fix my car and stuff. Maybe get a haircut and even go to Red Lobster to EAT some of that yummy food I serve.

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