This Feels Good

Look how my site looked after the first week.

Here’s the 2nd week.

I’ve had SO MUCH FUN developing this. Look at it! It’s like, my BABY! It’s becoming so pretty! I added a box to capture email addresses and that cost money too, but no one has signed up yet. I even created a free ebook to give away if they sign up. =(

I installed a nav bar at the bottom to connect with all the social networks. We now have a real columnist who writes about society and politics and a research contributor who finds the resource information that we post. I’m still writing all the content myself but it’s not that difficult. I may do an interview or just come up with an idea and just write it. Plus, with all the articles I have already written on my other site and the videos I have been making for YEARS on my youtube channel, sometimes if I’m tired I’ll go pull one of those to re use. Why not? They’re all MINE. I can do what I want. yay!

So I just created an advertising sponsor package. That was fun! Coming up with pricing and levels and tomorrow I am going to train the columnist on how to sell ads. I told her that she can keep any money she makes from her sales. I know I need money to survive but she does too.

Oh. My first author interview went up today. I can’t believe he posted that video of me crying. LOL Oh yeah, I cut my hair off again. It was getting too wild. I also died it jet black because some of it was blonde and some of it was dark brown so I have to start all over. I look different and baldheaded as usual.

Today I went back and forth between marketing my book and my site. I reached out to local newspapers and magazines about the site and then I hit up every book reviewer I could find to see if they would be willing to review my book in PDF version since I don’t have money to buy copies and mail them out.

Oh yeah! After I received a link to an article that said some 27 year old is making MILLIONS by selling her books on Kinde, I clicked right on over to Kindle and published my book on there too. I think I’m gonna add all of my eBooks on there too, when I get the time. Why not? Then I have to go get one for myself except I don’t read that much anymore. If it doesn’t have anything to do with business models or making money online I’m not really interested. I entertain myself by imagining how I’m gonna bless so many people when I have money to do so.

Today I was thinking about who I’m gonna buy cars for and how I’ll ask my Mama to take over managing some of my blogs when I start traveling and how I’ll drop money into people’s paypal accounts as surprises and how I’ll be eating lobster whenever I want and how I’ll do so much GOOD when I have the money. I can’t WAIT!

I wonder how it could all happen. It’ll be a surprise to me, but right now sure feels good.

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