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Hey guys, check out my latest youtube video. I invited My PERFECT MAN, Donovan Daniels, to be a guest host. So…yay!Still working on technical problems but they’re getting better. If you have any questions that you’d like for me to explore, please email me. Thanks for viewing!Ms. Tee

My Final Presentation Video on Youtube

I had a wild day yesterday. I won’t even begin to describe the meeting I had with my graduate advisor after I told him I wasn’t interested and he insisted that I come…

So I went…

And all he and my department chair had to tell me was to redirect my passion in more socially acceptable ways. It seems that I have earned a reputation for giving presentations, comments, reactions and sharing stories that make the other classmates and professors feel bad or uncomfortable.


They actually want me to police my presentations and take them down a notch. I won’t even repeat all the things I said to them in that meeting because…they weren’t nice. If I pay my tuition, get great grades in class and perform ethically then what is their problem?

Oh yeah..they want me to roll over and be one of the crowd. Impossible. Never gonna happen. Not even if they kick me out of the program.

See…I don’t know much about grad school except I enjoy it, but I don’t believe these professors are too fond of me. Ever since I began asking for help and guidance on my professional projects I have gotten so much negative feedback from it as though I should wait until they give me permission to pursue my goals. I shouldn’t have told them shit…

And after I gave my final presentation, boy I tell you.. Well, I spent a few hours turning the Powerpoint presentation into a wmv file so I can show you my presentation. You let me know if it is as offensive and harsh as they say it was.

In no way am I afraid of my advisor or the program director. They hold no key to my future. I do not want to be a professor like they are, nor do I want to commit my life to academia. They are teachers. I have come to learn, not bow down and become the person they think I should be. If anyone is offended, chill out, it’s only my opinion.

Watch the Video!

Emotional Abuse Advice- Youtube

Here’s my latest youtube video. I got an email question for my youtube channel about how to get out of an emotionally abusive relationship. If you have any questions that you want me to explore, please email me. I’m open..and I’m ready to help if I can.