Still Figuring It Out


My chest hurts. I feel like I need to be burped. Man..twitter is taking all the life out of my blogging. I get on there and tweet away and by the time I’m done…I have nothing left to say in this old blog. But I’m trying to stay faithful even though I’ve already quit ONCE back in 2007 and I don’t want to do it again. I like writing.
Today I just realized that I quit everything when I get tired of it. Does anyone else do that?
I quit relationships, jobs. goals, dreams, whatever. It doesnt matter cuz I feel like I can always do something else. But is there a difference between quitting and stopping?
I stop doing stuff. I start something else. I enjoy starting and organizing and making it work like magic but then…I ain’t with the maintenance part. When it becomes repetitive, I begin to pray for something else to do.
I do well at everything I do, but nothing holds my interest for long. Having 3 hour classes really gets to me. By the end of class I’m standing up, bouncing around and trying to NOT drift off to sleep.
I wonder what’s wrong with me?
I want to see something I do really take off but…I keep leaving before I can see what will happen with it.
I want to be different but I don’t know how….
Or if I can…
I run away….
Run to something else… do well for a while and then walk away…
I’d love to just start something up, make it brilliant and then pass it along for someone else to maintain.
Why can’t I do that?
I don’t know. I’m 30. Shouldn’t I be past this BS?

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