Stay Tuned

I’ve been praying a lot.

I’m trying to reconnect with God because I know that He never left me. I just feel like since I’ve been out of communication I lost the frequency and I need to find it again.

I have so much on my heart right now. I’m praying for direction. I need clarity on what I need to do first. I am very much a planning person and I wish life was one big TO DO list, cuz then it would make since to me.

There are some lofty career moves that I need to make and some really impressive opportunities presenting themselves to me, all the while I’m confronted with obstacles thrown my way by my baby daddy. It’s like he will not leave me be. He will not let me go on and do my thang without trying to bring unrest into my life.

It’s funny though, as much drama as he brings, somehow, I am still happy. I am still joyful. I still enjoy my children and look forward to much success. It’s as if my soul knows where I am headed and it is rejoicing in advance.

Sometimes it seems as though evil prevails. Sometimes it seems as though you can’t just can win by doing right. And then sometimes, the good guy gets his time in the spotlight and everyone else who is going through feels like they have the victory too.

You don’t have to pray for me. You don’t have to worry. All I ask is for your attention as God gets the glory in my life. Just watch how He handles all this mess and recognize His power and His love.

I trust Him.

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