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With the giant wave of reality based television flooding the airwaves one could argue that the pseudo celebrities it produces will never have the lasting impact on the entertainment industry that their counterparts who trudged their way up to stardom often endured throught years of rejection and failure.

Regardless of their seemingly pop tart route to fame, there are two reality television stars that have blown me away with…with… man, I can’t describe it. They just have “it”. That special something that celebrities have that none of us will ever imitate or duplicate. There’s something about them that makes us like them for no particular reason and has us rooting for their success like they were our long lost cousin.

She has IT!

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Ms. Eva Pigford, BKA Eva the Diva.

Now even if you didn’t catch the season of America’s Next Top Model that has boosted her to Supermodel status, just one look into the eyes of this natural beauty and you will be hooked. There’s something about her that makes me like her. Something about her natural glow that propels me to celebrate her beauty and style and send up prayers that she receive nothing more than the best from the entertainment industry. Eva is simply amazing. I am so proud that she made the cover of Essence for my birth month. I was so happy for her! I felt like it was me!

She is a natural superstar and I wish her much success.

Who is he?

Who is this 15 year old kid from– where is he from again? I can’t remember. All I know is while watching BET yesterday with my girl, Anna I saw a program that made me smile. There were these 5 kids in a music group, kinda like Makin The Band. Except I couldn’t really compare the shows since I never watched Makin The Band but Anna said they were similar. The group is called Fatty Koo, yeah, kind of a weird name huh? But what is NOT weird is the unmistakeable talent that each member posesses.

While most musical groups divide up and go their seperate ways after making it big, I predict the same thing will happen to this group, BUT I can already tell who is going to be the superstar.

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His name is Joshua Welton and he’s only 15 years old.

To watch him dance reminds me of Usher. His looks remind me of Justin Timberlake. This young man has the same natural charm that Eva the Diva has and as soon as he enters the group, it’s as if he was the missing ingredient that they had no idea even existed. He set the group off! And he is young enough to capture the young teens hearts and still have time to grow up, fill out and get the women all fired up.

I think Josh Welton is in it for the long haul.

Keep your eye on Josh and Eva the Diva- The Creme of the Reality Crop.

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