So Tired

I had a long ass day at work today. It was cool though…everyone vibing and serving and cussing out the customers under our breaths but mostly having a great time making money.

I had some really cool customers but my tips were mostly in the $10 range. I’m wondering if there’s another restaurant where tips come out to be more than this cuz I really think my service is worth more.
There;s this man at work who tells me he loves me everyday. I think hes trying to brainwash me. It’s so cute though…. he seriously makes me smile everyday.
Something strange happened to me today. I was serving at work and I stopped at one of my tables and it was 2 women and 1 man sitting across from them. I had no idea what their relationship was until the taller woman said, “Hey Tee, are you married?”
I stopped with the tray tucked under my arm. “No. But I bought this ring because I got tired of waiting for one…” I said and picked two empty glasses from the table.
“Well, theyre trying to make me get married,” the tall one explained. “ANd Im more of a elope and sign the papers kind of girl. I have no idea where to get married.”
“Hmm…what about the place where you met?” I asked. Immediately a flash in my mind- Burger King.”
They looked at each other….”BURGER KING!” she exclaimed. “We met there. We work in the corporate office!”
I’m not sure if the rest of our conversation is real or just sarcasm but I listen and reply honestly… as she says stuff like they should have whoppers at their wedding and craziness….
It’s so amazing how it all goes down. The hostess seats 4 people at my table and I have no idea what their relationship is, who they are, where they are from or why they are there. I have to ask questions and get everyone situated and then figure them out. Its like a puzzle. Then I get to ask questions and learn about their lives and their values.
Im seriously having a problem maintaining my blog…Ive been working on this ONE blog post for 3 das and you can probably tell..its TWITTER. With TWITTER I can say what I want to say succintly so…im having a hard time writing out the longer stories. This hurts me cuz I’d like to keep up my practice of writing and using literary style…
I’m sorry…I’m just so tired lately. There is lots going on and I cant even write because I’m always so tired…

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