Simple Manifestations

My life is a miracle.

And that’s an understatement.

My little brother came into town last night. I picked him up from the bus station and we rode up north to see my Mama. We then took a drive around town for a while and went back to my Mama’s house to play video games and hang out.

My brother is 26 years old, my little sister is 24 and I’m the oldest. I’ll admit, I never really got to know my brother when we were growing up together. I was very much self involved and into my own little fantasy world and he was always in his room playing video games. So this opportunity to hang with him showed me a side of him that I had never known and I have to say my brother is a great person.

He treated me better than most of the men in my life. He drove my car and told me to get certain things checked, he took me out to eat more than once and even drove my little sister around looking for a particular hair store all while he was late getting to his rendezvous.

He put us first.

I am so happy and grateful now that I continue to meet men who treat me like I always knew I deserved to be treated. I feel like the tables have turned for me and it is so wild. I’m meeting adorable men who just want to be nice to me and I love every minute of it.

The more I focus on the way I want to be treated by men, the more I see that they are treating me in that way. It’s as though I have a magic genie but I really realize it’s all about my expectations. When I expected bad treatment I was on the look out for it and sometimes misinterpreted their words and actions as derogatory but now that I expect kindness and concern, I keep seeing it in every man that I meet.

This is making me want to meet more men. I even asked a man out for lunch next week. He has been so nice to me and I’d like to get to know him better. I’d like to be his friend. I’d like more of that treatment too.

It’s crazy that the whole time I’ve been studying the law of attraction, it’s been working for me. Whatever this is, is real. Even my children’s father talks to me differently and I am amazed and grateful for that.

I don’t even have to sit there and focus on what I want. It’s usually a fleeting thought and then my eyes grow wide when I see it happen in my life.

Sometimes I fantasize about my perfect life, but I do it just for the fun of it. I enjoy these fantasies and they make me feel so good.

Usually when I see things come into my life, I have a flashback of a time when I merely thought to myself, “I’d like that to happen.” And then it happens.

Like, Yesterday I said to myself, “I’d like some fried chicken.”

And then my brother brings me fried chicken to eat.

Or the time when I was about to go to sleep and I thought to myself, “I really want to see my boys again soon.”

The next morning their Dad calls me and says his car is not working, please pick the boys up and take them to school.

Big things come to me too. They appear in the most miraculous ways!

Once my car note was late and I spoke to the people and they told me that I can defer the payment I missed by paying a fee. I didn’t have any money in my account so I just told them I’d call them back and relaxed, thinking, “It has to come some way.”

Why did I receive a check in the mail from a company that has not contacted me in years? I called them up and they said that the money was owed to me and was legally mine. It was more than enough to pay my deferrment fee and get gas.

Another time Tamara called me saying that her account had been tampered with and all of her money was gone. She was about to catch a flight and needed some money to pay for her luggage.

“Well, I’m waiting on a check,” I told her. “If it comes today you will have money in your account by the end of the day.

Now I had been waiting for this particular check for 3 weeks and I had no money to my name. But I knew she needed it and I was willing to give her most of it.

Guess what? The check came hours later and I was able to deposit the money into her account just as I SAID that I would.

I don’t consider these to be small manifestations because every little positive thing that happens is a miracle to me. The other things that I want: to be able to take care of my boys and have them live with me, a steady income that is earned by my writing and editing abilities and a home of my own have yet to appear but I know they are on the way so I rest easily and enjoy the process of receiving them.

When I used to focus on what I didn’t want to happen, “He’s not going to like me.” “I won’t have enough to pay this bill.” “I’m not going to be good enough to do this.” That is always what happened.

I would prepare myself for the worst just in case it happened and I rationalized it to be a good thing because I didn’t want to disappointed if I expected the best and it didn’t happen. That way of thinking was all wrong.

Now when I have a decision to make, I say to myself, “What’s the best that could come from this?” I laugh and smile at how that outcome would serve my life and even if I don’t get what I set out to get, I figure that something better is coming along and the thing I wanted, didn’t belong to me anyway. By looking at it in this way, I maintain my joy through everything!

Try it!

Try expecting the best in every situation.

Instead of thinking, “Oh no, I’m going to miss my flight.”
Say, “Even though I’m late, I’m sure the plane will wait for me.”

And the biggest lesson that I have learned is to recognize that the things I want to have or to happen in my life aren’t impossible to get.

When I start to think negatively and say to myself, “I’ll never meet a nice man.” or “No one is going to hire me to do exactly what I am gifted to do.”

I stop myself and reverse my thought simpley because there are women all over the world who meet nice men everyday. Why couldn’t I be one of them?

I then say, “Women meet good men all the time. I’m next!” This makes me so excited!

Or I’ll say, “People are divinely connected to their dream jobs all the time. There are millions of people who love the work they do. That’s going to be me!”

I get a rush just from typing that.

I am so happy and grateful now that…I have so many things to be happy and grateful for.

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