People raised their eyebrows when she decided to leave. Who in their right mind would leave a cushy job with the government making good money to pack up and move five hours away without even the promise of a concrete full-time job? But Ms. Tee had a vision and a passion that was burning in her heart. A passion to write and speak and uplift. Though she had no idea how she would accomplish her goals, she knew that it was now or never. If she didnt chase her dreams right now, she would forever regret her decision.

So she packed up her sons and moved back to her hometown of Miami, Florida, moved in with her Mom and did everything she could to write and get published. She got off to a slow start and was discouraged from time to time but she encouraged herself by reading magazines and books and challenging herself to be better than the writers she loved. Eventually she was noticed by a best-selling book author, who took her under his wings and taught her the business of getting paid to write. She went on to serve her community, spending countless hours speaking to young women and encouraging them to go for the gusto, to dream far beyond their neighborhood limits.

Today she is an accomplished author and motivational speaker. She and her husband Nick Cannon are raising their four sons in a small town near Miami, Florida. She gives all credit to Jesus for giving her the gift of communication and the heart not to stand still and take what life gives. To day we recognize Ms. Tee for not giving up, pressing forward and inspiring so many others to do the same.

This is my hope. This is my life’s dream.

When I wake up in the morning all I want to do is write. All I fantasize about is inspiring people and being honest about my past mistakes and my struggles. All I want from you is to be open with yourself, to love yourself and to know that people love you and you deserve the best. I want all these things for you because I am searching for them myself.

Let’s find self-love together.

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