NY meets Miami

I had a wonderful time last night. After getting dressed in some blue capris and a matching blue and silver top I was ready to go! I knew I looked good, I was sweating myself! LOL!

I am on my way to meet Will, a blogger out of Harlem. He let me know that he would be in Miami on business and being the gracious host that I am who LOVES to show off her city, I agreed to meet up with him and show him around a bit. I didn’t know what to expect, but our previous phone conversations were very comfortable and I figured he would be easy to get along with. If not, I could always say I couldn’t find a babysitter and get out of hanging with him. ~smile~

I hopped into my car and rode down to South Beach. I can’t believe that I made it there in 12 minutes. I called Will and asked him where his hotel was. He told me 45th and Collins. Damn! I was on 11th and Alton. So I found Collins and rode it all the way back north to 45th street. It wasn’t hard to find. He told me where to park and asked me to meet him in the lobby.

I walked into the big beautiful building and saw a few people sitting in the lounge talking and laughing. I spied the bar. Oohh.. I’ll have a drink while I wait for him. I order a glass of white wine and sip slowly inhaling every sight and sound. A few minutes pass by and Will doesn’t show up.

The female bartender who has these huge boobs, asks me if I’m on vacation. “I wish.” I think to myself. “It would be so nice to stay in a place like this. This hotel is beautiful.”

I’m still sipping and waiting when my phone rings. It’s Will.
“Where are you girl?”
“I’m at the bar.”
“I thought I told you to meet me in the lobby. I’ve been standing out here for five minutes looking for you.”
“Oh well, I’m at the bar…”
Before I can finish my sentence I feel a presence behind me and I turn around. It’s Will.

He sits down at the bar stool next to mine and looks at my drink.
“Well,” he says. “I was going to wait until we had dinner to start drinking but I see you couldn’t.”
I laugh. “I’m almost done.”
“Have you paid for your drink yet?” he asks me.
“Ms. How much is this drink?” he asks the bartendar with the huge boobs.
“I’ll check.” she says and goes to look at her computer thingy.
“Now how she NOT gonna know how much a glass of white wine costs?! Ain’t this her job?!” Will says.
I laugh.
“$13” she responds.
He and I both raise our eyebrows at that.
“What do you expect? It’s South Beach.” she answers.
He pays for the drink and I take one last sip before we stand up. “I’m tipsy,” I tell him.

Talking with Will is so easy. But walking with Will is not.
He’s taking these huge steps and I have to stop him and remind him that I’m only 5’1″ and I can’t keep up.
“I just wanted to see if you’d trip, seeing how tipsy you are.” he says and slows down a bit.

We make our way over to the restaurant on the terrace. It’s nice outside, the beach is just a few feet away. We can hear the surf pounding the shore and smell the salty sea water in the air.

We are seated and order our drinks and food and Will tells me not to drink anything else until I’ve eaten. I don’t know what it is, but I begin to feel tight in my chest. Like I can’t breathe.

“Will, I can’t breathe right now.”
“Um, yeah I’m just a little tight and I left my inhaler home.”
He shakes his head.
I laugh. “I’ll be alright. I just need to concentrate on my breathing.”
“Deep breaths,” he coaches me.

The food comes and it is excellent. We both eat everything on our plates but Will can’t handle the peach vodka drink he ordered. He didn’t even drink half of it talking about, “Next time I’ll have a mixer with that.”

His colleagues stop by our table to say Hi and I am introduced to them. Awww..New Yorkers in Miami. What a treat for them!

“Well,” I tell him with a smirk. “I didn’t expect you to be…well, this attractive.”

“Ohhh, you thought I was gonna be wack?” he asks with a serious expression. “That’s messed up.”

“Sorry.” I tell him and laugh and laugh. He’s so funny!

I think the best thing about hanging with Will is the fact that we share the same love for writing. I didn’t have to explain to him what a blog was. He loves blogging as much as I do and that is exciting for me. Regardless of any differences we may have, our passion is the same and that is what bonds us automatically. I think he’s a great guy.

After our meal and some interesting dinner conversation Will and I head for the beach. His hotel isn’t on the noisy crowded end of South Beach so the beach is pretty quiet and after walking for a bit we discover that we have quite a bit of sand to ourselves.

We sit down facing the ocean and I laugh at him. I don’t even remember what I was laughing about but I know I was feeling great and enoying my night tremendously.

“Can you sing?” he asks me.
My heart jumps. I LOVE to sing, but I sound horrible, but I sing anyway, cuz it’s sooo much fun!
“I LOVE TO SING!” I tell Will.
“Sing something for me,” he asks.
I clear my throat.
“I hope,” I began solemnly in my best Whitney Houston impression. “Life treats you kind. And I hope you have all you dreamed of….And IIIIIIIIII eee-iiiiii– Will always LOVE YOU- OOHHHH- IIII- WILL ALWAYSSSS LOVVVVE YOOOOOOOOOO!!!!”

“Stop that!” Will says with a firm hand on my shoulder. “People are gonna think I’m torturing you.”

“Hey!” I say and blush.

We end up doing a little freestyle rhyme and singing a few songs together. I’m listening to him sing and I’m thinking, “Wow. He doesn’t sound too bad.” We are actually trying to harmonize and it doesn’t sound too bad. Hmm… maybe we could get a record deal. LOL!

We’re sitting in the sand looking out at the dark sky. There are only a few stars out and the wind is lulling us to sleep. It WOULD have been a nice, serene occasion, but Will won’t stop talking! LOL!

He’s making me laugh so much! My cheeks hurt from smiling my real smile, not my fake smile that I do for pictures.

“Oh wait.” he says and turns to me. “I have to do this or Yolanda will kill me.” He gives me a big hug that he says Yolanda told him to give me. I laugh. He’s so crazy.

I suggest we leave the beach area and we walk back to his hotel and sit out by the pool and talk for a little while more. I’m not really ready to leave but it’s getting late and I don’t want to be too tired to drive home.

“I think it’s time for me to go.” I tell him.
He looks a little sad. “Ok, let me walk you to your car.”

We walk to my car and he tells me that he is glad I came down to see him.

I smile. I’m glad I did too.

I am taking him out on Saturday and I am sure we will have even more fun. I am so looking forward to it.

It was very nice to meet you, Will.

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