Nothing Much This Week


So I’m on campus about to hit up this Family Therapy class. I’m beginning to be burnt out from all of this therapy. ~sigh~

Hopefully, this will be my last year of school. I have 5 classes including this semester and I’m done. If I can somehow squeeze in my two semesters of internships this year then I can be done by December.

“Why you rushing?” My sons asked. I stared at them with a blank look.

I don’t know. I’m just…ready for something new.

So…I added the girl I was mesmerized by on facebook and sent her a message with my number and she never called. Maybe she doesn’t think I’m pretty. Maybe that’s not how girls holla at each other. I don’t know what I’m doing. All I know is she is FINE to me…and lately I’ve seen other girls who are attractive to me. Seems like a mismatch though… I am attracted to the women who dress like men and have dreads but they never pay me any attention. I get hit on all the time by women who are very girly with weaves and perms and I’m not attracted to that at all. This seems trickier than dating men, which I don’t anymore.

But anyway….I went out last week. I tried to hit up the gay club but when I went I felt so out of place…not my type of crowd at all so I left after five minutes. I went to the usual spot and was so annoyed by the men there grabbing on me. I did have a couple of drinks and just as I was leaving I stopped to chill and when I looked to the side this fine ass dude was standing there smiling at me.

We vibed for the rest of the night including Ihop and ~smiling~ you know me…what else is a fine ass dude good for? By the time he dropped me back to me car I was so happy that I actually kissed him goodbye. And when he called the next day..I answered cuz I couldnt stop smiling over how good he made me feel.

I don’t really give a damn if I ever see him again…old habits are so hard to break. I got a call from Tamara last week and she was boo hoo crying over her new dude and that phone call irked me so much because…why would I deal with a dude who would make me cry? Why would she?

I hate that shit. I can hear her voice in my mind saying, “Give a guy 3 chances to mess up before you cut him off.” THREE chances? yeah right. He gets half a chance and not even that if I’m PMS’ing. I don’t value men in my life and I’m gonna stop trying to feel bad about it.

I don’t know….

There are so many things that I want to happen but none of them I’m really attached to…If they happen– YAY!– if not..oh well…

I just wanna be…you know…happy.

That’s pretty much it. And I achieve that everyday by choice.

Still no laptop to update more often but I’m hoping you’re having a great new year!

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