Nebraska Widow Gives Away 9 Children Under Safe Haven Law

Did you hear about this?

There’s a safe haven law in Nebraska that allows any parent to drop off their child to a hospital or fire station with no repercussions. The crazy thing is, you can take any child up until the age of 18.

That’s right, a Nebraska widow took the state up on their offer and dropped 9 of his 10 kids off at a hospital. His wife had died 2 years earlier immediately after the birth of their 10th child.

You can read the full story here.

So here it is, a man who apparently was doing well for himself if he could take care of his wife and 10 kids. His wife dies and now the full responsibility of the children is on him so he says he couldn’t handle it.

I just hope he showed appreciation to his wife when she was alive because she handled it for more than 10 years. Who is really the backbone of the family?

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