My Roommate Is a Chef

Oh my gosh…

I think I’m gonna DIE. I mean, Everyday it’s the SAME THING. I’m in my room and all of a sudden this heavenly, spicy, smell wafts in through the door.

Damn…they cooked again.

I hear the plates clicking and them laughing around the dinner table. I know my roommate cooks everyday. She cleans all the time too. When I go into the main part of the house I think to myself, “I wanna live here.”

I think I want a wife or at least someone who cooks and cleans like my roommate does. She seems to get some kind of satisfaction out of a clean house. Who would have thunk it? I don’t wish I was like that but I do wish I had someone in my life who is like that and just LOVES to cook and clean and take good care of me.


I’ll probably have to hire someone.

Man, I wish I could eat with them. I don’t feel comfortable asking them. It’s crazy how I give so much but when I have a need, I don’t even feel right asking.

Let me make a pb&J and pretend it’s causing this wonderful scent that is invading my room.

I’m hungry.

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