My Love Affair With Kanye West

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The first time I experienced him was when I saw the All Falls Down video with Stacey Dash. I thought to myself, “Hmm… This is a slice of life not generally discussed in pop music. Nice. Who is this guy? He’s different.”

Our next encounter had me in tears. I was in my car looking for a church that I was supposed to visit but I had bad directions and I was frustrated. I gave up and started toward my house. I turned the radio back up and heard, Jesus Walks. At the end of the song, he gave an call to the lost. He prayed the prayer of salvation. ON THE RADIO. Over MILLIONS OF LIVES. I was shook. “God is sooo good!” I thought to myself. “They have no idea what they are hearing but a seed has been planted.” I cried.

Since I don’t really watch a lot of music television and I don’t buy CD’s (I have a million other things to do with my money) I didn’t follow his career. I heard little snippets here and there about him being arrogant and laughed as people called him a Diva.

The Golddigger song Kanye made was hot! Period. Anyone who listens to it has to give him props. He’s not a bandwagon lyricist. He’s doing things that no one has done before. I think I feel the spirit of Tupac when I listen to him. His social commentary laced over magnetic tracks FORCE us to listen to what he has to say. He has a powerful voice, I hope he recognizes that power and is responsible with it.

Then I saw the interview on MTV. I think I fell in love that day. He spoke about being teased when he was younger because he had feminine characteristics and how the opposite of hip hop is gay. He challenged us all. He spoke about how he felt like Jay Z and Damon Dash were his parents and when they split he had to choose, which ultimately hurt his relationship with Damon. It was a difficult question to answer but he did it. With honesty and humility. He seems to have this openness, this honesty that is unmatched in my opinion. He’s HOT because he’s honest. And he doesn’t care about being cool. He recognizes issues and speaks on them, regardless of how it will make him look.

Damn. That’s sexy.

There is nothing like meeting a man who doesn’t follow the crowd. I am NOT a trendy person. I never have been. You get a group pf people walking in one direction and I won’t go simply because I am NOT a crowd follower like that. I’ll go the other way, then we can swap stories on how things worked out.

Can you say, “Kanye is so sexy to me.” ~sigh~ The fact that he is kinda weird looking makes him even more attractive. I love the nerdy guys.

Then, our love was sealed during the VMA awards. He is sooo funny looking. And that is soooo adorable to me. When I saw him I felt this desire well up inside of me.

I’m on the phone with Tamara and Tonya and I announce, “I’d like to *censored*.”
“Shut up Tee.”
“No, for real. He deserves it. He is so different. I feel a connection.”

But after Friday evening, this world will never be the same. Kanye West remarked LIVE on television that “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people.” (click to view Kanye’s rant)

My face looked just like Chris Tucker’s.

Kanye’s speech mirrored the hearts of Black America. His emotional rant pulled at our heart strings and caused us to feel like SOMEONE understood us. Blacks complain to each other and in our communties but we don’t really feel like anyone is listening. THIS TIME, America heard us. And who’d have thought that Kanye West would be our voice.

I love him.

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