Missing My Customers

I woke up this morning and almost forgot about what happened yesterday…

My sons called me to see if I had started my trip and I told them I was having some car troubles and didn’t know if I would be able to go anymore. Then they told me about football practice and how hard it was but that they enjoyed it. I’m so excited to see their first game!
After I rubbed my eyes and drank some water my mind turned to my old job; when I was a server at Denny’s. Every time I’m out and about in Miami, I manage to run into one of my old customers from there and they hug me and tell me how much they miss me.
I miss them too.
Honestly…of all the jobs that I had…I never make friends that I keep in contact with. Well..because of facebook I get one or two stragglers who manage to stay on my friends list but for the most part by the time I leave a job I have not maintained any friendships and that’s because I don’t try to.
But at Denny’s…it was the customers that I miss the most. I think I liked that job the most because it wasn’t about being the best at the job or selling. It was really about making it through the shift. =) I worked the graveyard shift if you can remember and that meant that I would get the after the club drunk crowd and the lonely people who were often sad about their relationships gone wrong.
I miss that. I miss them. And every so often…I run into someone who remembers me from Denny’s and their eyes light up and they smile…because somehow though I didn’t even know it, I made a big difference in their lives and they appreciate it. That feels good…