Lazy bum.

I’m supposed to be packing and I put in a good hour worth of putting useless stuff in the garbage and then I…..lied down for just a minute, which turned into two hours and then, awww, it’ll get done later.

I’m wearing my mu-mu. You know those dresses your grandma used to wear around the house that looked like a curtain, with those wild colors and big giant flowers all over them? Well, I got mine when I was pregnant and I still love it! Don’t need underwear with this get-up, just float and be free. Easy breezy.

My mind is free… I’m forgiving myself for not forgiving myself. You feel me?

Everything is not as deep as our minds make it out to be. We sometimes create drama on our own when things are actually peachy keen. I think the key is to be satisfied with yourself, knowing you gave your best try and you did it with the right heart. If things didnt work out, ok. That’s cool. Try something else. Life goes on and on and on.

Funny comment

In my time tutoring Anna on hooking up her blog, she says to me, “I thought html was an abbreviation for hotmail.”

Wa,wa, waaah

Must be that kool-aid she be drinking.

I’m getting EXCITED cuz Mother’s Day is coming! This is one of those days where I feel extra pretty and extra special. The daycare helps the kids make cards for me and ALL of my friends call me to honor me and I LOVE IT! I think I’m gonna take myself and my boys out to eat dinner. We havent been out in a while and we deserve a treat. I think I want some skrimps.


I’ve got my first column assignment for the paper down in Miami. I have to counter another columnist who says kids (young girls) shouldn’t have kids and if they are caught having sex or getting pregnant, they should be punished by having to wear a chastity belt or having their tubes tied. This is going to be fun.

I’ll keep you updated.

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