Inspiration For Your Day

Everything is lined up right outside your door

As you start paying attention to the absolute correlation between the way you feel and what’s manifesting, then you understand that you hold the key to the letting it in.

If you could see an aerial view, and we can.

All of these things that you have been asking for are lined up right outsid e your door. Lined up right there. Endless people and places and circumstances and events all lined up to accommodate you. All lined up. And as you reach for the thought that feels a little bit better, some of them squirt in. As you reach for the thought that feels a little better, more of them will squirt in. As you reach Right away in the first day, of finding the delicious relief that rage give s you over depression, something will manifest. You will see movement in your experience just with that incremental change.

And you can imagine each day that you reclaim your ground, and you begin saying things like ‘Well I’m not there yet, I’m not into positive emotion, but I sure fe el better than I did.’

And everything in your experience, every relationship will adjust to the ne w stance you have found vibrationally.

Abraham-Hicks, San Antonio, TZ 11/22/03