And I’m kicking, just kicking it at work. Preparing for our big party next week, tieing up the loose ends. I still haven’t found a thing to wear. It’s a cocktail party, but it’s outside. It’s on STAR ISLAND ya’ll! Oh my gosh! Yes, I mean STAR ISLAND where P. Diddy lives, and all those celebrities.

Is it wrong for me to be really amped about meeting her? Man, it would be great if I could just arrange ONE lunch meeting. I don’t want charity, I don’t want pity, I just want to learn from her and have her be my mentor. I hope she’s nice. If not, at least I’ll get to meet her husband.

So this week has been so crazy, but in a good way. I had a wonderful Easter weekend. My sons and I hung out in full force. I took them to THE FAIR.

Take your family. Go with your friends. The good times… The FUN never ends! Be there. The Fair. It’s All There. The FAIR, BE THERE!

I hadn’t been to the Dade County Youth Fair since I graduated highschool in 97. Yeah, it’s been a minute. Damn. I’m old.

So being at the Fair brought to surface a lot of different emotions.

I’m old. The first night I went I took my boys and spent the entire night in the kiddie section making sure they experienced everything and ate everything they wanted. I really felt like a Mama while buying them pizza, getting their faces painted and waving at them as they went on rides. Well, as my OLDER son went on rides. My 2 year old wasn’t having anything but a face full of food!

Being in the kiddie section with so many other families which include BOTH parents reminded me that my sons and I don’t have that. Am I the only chick who looks at families, especially the chick and thinks, “Damn, she’s not half as tight as I am. Why in the hell is she married with a family and my baby daddy thinks I’m scum? I really don’t get that.” It was wild seeing them all together, Mommy, Daddy and weird looking kids. All laughing and smiling and the high fiving each other in glee. LOL! I rolled my eyes several times as I tugged on my sons in between rides.

Since the Fair is an annual event everyone goes at least ONCE. And believe me, THE FAIR is not a small fair. It’s HUGE! With billions of ppl, man im exaggerating but you get the picture. After all this is MIAMI, and this is the Dade County Fair- so theres a jillion ppl that attend. Oh ok, back to my point. Since there were so many people at the fair, I ran into old classmates from highschool.


A sister looks a whole lot better than she did in highschool. Hmmm. well, at least I look mature and can say that I did some positive things like finishing college, starting a career and I have cute sons. It was great to be me that night!

Why does my son torment me? my 2 year old is gonna be auctioned on Ebay someday really soon. That boy! Whoa! He needs to calm down. He needs to realize that this is not HIS WORLD. Sometimes I wonder if I’m spoiling him but I don’t know how else to be with him. I discipline him, but I love on him more, because I’m loving I can’t help that. Having a man around would bring a balance, but we don’t have that so I’m just going off of what is in my heart to do.

I actually drove all the way to South Miami and back, on the EXPRESSWAY! I get two gold stars for that! Usually when I know I have to drive long distances, I draft someone else to drive so I can just sit back and relax. And boy, it takes 45 minutes to get to South Miami from where I live so you know a sister was gripping the steering wheel and looking hard! My sons were surprisingly quiet on the trip as if they just KNEW their Mama was concentrating and needed to focus. Thanks boys!

So much more has happened but I can’t give it all away in one night.

Stay tuned for more stories. Especially since my bestfriend Tamara is coming to celebrate her 26th birthday this Friday!

Ain’t nothing like having your friends around…

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