If You Want Me
You Can Find Me
In The


I am finally here and I have so many stories to tell but no regular internet access just yet! ~sigh~

You won’t buhleeeeve what has happened to me since my last post. All I have to say is, I FEEL GREAT!

It’s so different here! This city has a sleepy vibe so far, but maybe that’s cuz I haven’t been too many places yet and Tamara’s house is so ridiculously comfy that I never want to go anywhere! But I promise to try to break out of my anti-social demeanor and as soon as I get a digi cam I’ll post plenty of pics as I explore.

I’m excited. I’m hopeful. I’m determined and I am so happy to be here with two of my closest friends Kim and Tamara. We haven’t been seperated for even a minute since I’ve gotten here.

God has surely been showing me love through them and I am so blessed to be such a treasured part of their lives. Ya’ll, I must have done something right in my life to be loved as much as I am. And I’m starting to realize that if I want to have happiness I have to let go of the sadness of the past.

No more negativity. No more doubts. The future is to be celebrated and embraced.

I miss blogging so much! I miss chatting with everyone on yahoo. I miss caressing these keys.

I miss you.

Be back soon!

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