If Money Were Of No Concern

My life is a miracle.

And I believe it everyday.

During today’s studies I saw an excercise that encouraged fantasizing to become clear about what you want to manifest in your life.

I’ll do it here off the cuff.

The question: If money were no concern, what would you do with your time?

Dear God,

If money were no object and I didn’t have to think about housing or food I would wake up each morning with gratitude in my heart and be amazed by the miracle that had taken place.

I would get up early and do some yoga. Then I’d wake my boys up and get them ready for school. I’d give my drivers the morning off and I’d drive my boys to school myself, giving them kisses as I handed them their lunchboxes.

Then I’d head back home wearing my sweat pants and wife beater and sit down at my desk to begin my work. I’d be doing what I was doing at the website, developing great features for the website and working with writers to help them to become great. I’d work on this for a few hours before I’d head off to my pilates class and then on to a late lunch with my friends.

I’d pick my sons up soon after and watch as the tutor helps them with their homework and then sit down to dinner prepared by my wonderful chef and we’d hang out until bedtime.

After they have gone to bed, I’d finish up my work for the website and then work on a poem for myself. Then I’d meditate for a half hour, focusing on my successful journey and then drift off to sleep.

If money were of no concern, I’d set up a fund for creative artists who are trying to use their gifts to sustain themselves. I’d also start a writing school for creative writers and connect them with opportunities to hone their craft.

I would set up a counseling service to help people through rough times and teach them my method of success. I would write books about relationships and present my research and opinons to the best journals, earning awards and accolades for my dedication to the upliftment of mankind.

I’d be very busy teaching youth seminars about how important their imagination is to their future. My boys and I would travel regularly to new places and have interesting experiences which will show them that this world is bigger then just our block.

If money were of no concern, I would give away more than half of my income to my charity of choice. I would take care of my parents so they wouldn’t have to work and build homes for my family to get them out of public housing.

If money were no object I’d blog everyday and enjoy my life, my children and the men who admire me. I’d probably not get married though because I wouldn’t feel that its necessary to build an empire with someone when I have already built it myself. I now realize that I wanted to get married in order to have a partner in business and life but it is not necessary for success.

Unless of course I meet a wonderful man who treats me like a princess. Hell probably spoil me with positivity and words of affection and encouragement and I’d take great care of him as well. He would be free to do whatever he wanted to do as far as a career if he weren’t wealthy when I met him.

If he wanted to paint, I’d build him a studio. If he wanted to be a photographer I’d buy whatever equipment he needed. If he wanted to be a house husband, he could do that too and just chill on the patio all day, as long as he is there when I get home from whatever work I’m doing and he looks good for me. Of course, I’d appreciate him more if he wants to run my company and if he enjoys making executive decisions that will allow us to prosper financially and spiritually and ultimately be a blessing to others.

That would be the good life.


Well.. when I think about it. Money is not really a concern for me. I always get what I need and desire and money flows to me consistently so…. I think I’ll work on living the life of my dreams RIGHT NOW and allow God to take care of the rest.

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