I Stink


I haven’t had that odor thing from “downstairs” in quite a while so the other day when I smelled something a little seafood-ish I stopped and reasoned, “that must be the scent from the crab legs my boys and I ate. Maybe it got into my clothes because it was strong.”

I brushed it off all day wishing that time would pass and I could get home to take a shower. By the time I got home to take a shower, I took off my shirt, my bra, my socks, and then my jeans..

I was like.. ~sniff, sniff~

What is that?

Oh my gosh! That’s ME! I smell like crab legs!

I shook my head in shame thinking about all the people I had been close to today. ~sigh~

I swear. I just have a very strong SMELL down there. I promise I take care of myself. I don’t get it.

But you know… I’m thinking that, I usually smell that smell when I’m in a pressure situation like when I’m on a job interview or a group of people are questioning me or I’m around a guy I like and I’m really, really nervous. On that day I sensed my body overheating when I was talking to a classmate during our break. I was very upset as we discussed the situation.

It’s as though my cootchie overheats under pressure.

Anyway… Sometimes I wonder if I’ll be known as that really smart therapist/writer/coach lady who always smell like fish sticks.

Could anyone love the stinky girl?

Well, like Tamara says, “There’s somebody for everybody.”

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