I Miss My Laptop


I’m sitting in front of my old desktop computer, which I gave to my roommates when I realized they didn’t have one, and I’m trying to write…but I can’t.

It’s probably just a mental thing but…man I miss my laptop.

I didn’t cherish him like I should have. I complained and banged and never gave him any rest. I always thought he’d be there for me but he hasn’t.

I miss….

Googling random topics

I miss…

Creating articles for websites

I miss it all…

I never realized how much my life was connected to the internet until it was gone.

And now I sit here uncomfortable cramped up trying to get these emotions out yet I can’t.

I’ve built up all of these walls around me without even thinking about it because I felt like I didn’t need physical connections since I had my baby, my laptop.

When will my missing parts come? I don’t know. Will they allow me to power on, to sing my song, to give my gift of language and love?

I miss my laptop.

But I am not my laptop.

Man…lemme go. This shit doesn’t even make any sense.

I wanna write so badly…


It’s not working.