All Grateful Hearts Welcome

I am so tired that I can not even go to sleep. I am consumed by this website. Are you bored with reading about it yet? Well, I can not help it. If I try to go to sleep and I get an idea on how to improve it, I have to get back up and either write down the idea or move forward with implementing it.

I bet you’re glad you’re not my friend. All you’d hear about is, “My website this and my website that.” My sister calls and says, “Tell me about your progress.” I’m glad she does that. I tell her what I’ve learned about backlinking and SEO and keywords and google ranking and I told her, “When I’m done with making this a success, you’re gonna do one too and I’m gonna be able to tell you everything. But I’m learning as I go.”

It is so much FUN to me!

Well, this is my life right now. I reached out to two more people for stories I want to write and I think I may add another contributing columnist to add more flair to the perspectives already offered. I may not agree with her on some things but she has an opinion that’s valid, why not allow her to share it.

I also reached out to two more companies for sponsorship. What did that Note From The Universe say? Something like… Opportunity doesn’t always come knocking, sometimes you have to knock on every door to find it.

I’ve been knocking.



My knuckles are bleeding.

I am so tired. But not tired of doing this.

This makes my SOUL happy.

I’m happier than I have been this entire time I have been in grad school.

I can’t believe it. I’m back making websites again. This is my path. Somehow I’ve gotta make it last. I am so proud of myself and every day I am happier and happier.

And I don’t feel any doubts at all. All the negative feelings and doubts floated away. This feeling WILL last. It has to. I’m moving into the happiest times of my life. I can feel it.

I hope you will join me.

All grateful hearts welcome.

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