If the internet was a man, I’d have unprotected secks with it.

And we’d have lots and lots of little baby blogs.


My Father’s Day page and the Black Music Month page are about to launch. ~giggle~ There’s nothing more exciting than when the page launches and everyday the new content is rolled out. Ooh, it turns me on so much!

Today you won’t believe what I did.

I am so turned on right now.

I woke up early, got dressed and went straight to my office. The clock read 8:30am when I arrived and my computer wasn’t working properly but I was patient. It took more than 3 hours to get it functioning properly but then it finally worked.

So I sat. And I wrote. And I managed content. I and I wrote stories. And I loved every second of it. Cuz it was quiet. No one was there. I could concentrate. I could focus. And I did focus and I got so much work done. It was like.. It was like…

It was like…

It was like… 7 minutes in… when you got the rhythm flowing just right. And everything is slippery wet. And there’s an unstated competition going on. You’re looking him in the eye. He’s looking you in the eye. And all you want, as you ride out on top, is to make his eyes go to the back of his head. So you do your nasty dance…. On top… You pop and shake. You wiggle a little. You squeeze and flex… you pop and shake… You drop it.drop it again… Cuz it feels so good… He smacks that ass… you like that shit too… it’s good to you both…but you’re determined…to make his scream your name…so you do a slow wind… and you bounce up and down… and you bite your lip… and you slow down… and he slaps that ass again…. Don’t stop ma….but you wanna make him beg….so you slow down some more…then his eyes get big…Don’t stop ma…Can u wait a minte daddy?…Can you hold on a minute daddy?… I wanna ride… but it’s so good… It feels so good..that you can’t contain yourself…you’re scratching and pulling…he’s gripping your hips… you’re just bouncing with a strength you didn’t know you had….and it’s good…and you see the video’s on…and you smile and bite your lip again… cuz it’s good… and you feel good… and he’s about to scream…and you can tell.. and you love the power…the power of the pussy… its nice…you got it all….and you drop…DROP…wind…wind…. til he collapses…ahhhh….u own that shit…

That’s my job feels to me…

I own that shit.

I love that shit.

I worked all day. In the quiet.

I stopped at 5:45 because I couldn’t take the hunger pains anymore. So I grabbed some Mickey D’s and came right back to the office. TO work some more. ANd I loved every second of that shit. Cuz I love that fucking job. I do what I do best. It’s so secsy to me.

But then Kim called me. Talking about her condo. And I made myself leave. Cuz it was 11:45. And i didn’t want to seem like a total nerd, staying past midnight. Then I went home.. And wrote some more. And listened to Luke on Youtube. And shook my ass a lil bit all by myself.

And then I finished my bottle of wine. And shook my ass some more. ANd fantasized about the day when… I’ll have an audience to shake my ass for. Boy I tell you.. I ain’t used to this celibacy shit. I wanna fuck.. straight up. And yeah it may be the wine talking but whatever. I’m a woman dammit. And i got this… uhhh…tension inside of me.. and I wanna release it.. And i’m tired of holding back…but I don’t want nobody’s EMPLOYEE. I want what I want dammit!

And if my standards are too high, so be it. I’m a freak. I wanna be freaky. And I don’t wanna hide it. I like what I like. And I want my man to like it too.

I feel like Im on the moon somewhere instead of in another state. This aint no easy trip. Can I meet a wonderful man who wants to take care of me.. ANd let me take care of him…Damn… I don’t even know wat I;m saying…but I speak the truth. I’m tired of being abstinent and shit.

FUCK. I want to feel a man’s hands all over me… Touching me.. I can’t take this. I usually just look… and choose who I want. but I promised God…that Ill wait. Until he presented the man He has for me.

Um… hurry up God I’m about to explode. I’m gonna do him VERY nicely God. As long as he is nice to me.

I’m out of breath… So tense. Wondering when.. a bitch gonna feel some hands.. all over me…Smacking me… Making me scream.. .Fuck…I need some lovin… This Dallas shit is over rated. THough I like my job… I’m still a woman.. designed to be…invaded…flipped over… smacked and dominated. Just like I like to dominate.

Damn… I’m gonna cry. I need to be touched. Its that serious. Help. I finished off a bottle of wine and I’m senseless. All I know is that… I wanna be kidnapped.. I wanna be taken hostage. and taken advantage of…

All I can do is sigh. Cuz I love my job so much. And I love to work on the weekends. Even on the weekdays. I come in early. I have to. So I can work in the quiet. I need quiet. Lord…Im so hrony Im sorry. I dont mean to be. But Im lonely.

And i’m mad. Cuz I don’t have anyone to touch me. I feel like an alien. I feel like I’m on mars. My eyes are blurrued, U cab vakeek eee,====000


U can barek see, vut I annat to say that ,,, I’m tied of being celibate. I want to be with my baby. I dpnt know where he is… I cam all the way here.. Am i sonna move woemwgehre ekse? I don’t want to. I anna say here. I don’t know. I can’t be mysself every night like this. THis is n’t healthy for a chich like me.

Oh God… Wha do I do?

I wanna be right nit;//I wanna be touch,ed.

Here I am…sitting on the living room florr. Chicp toothed.

I have on my blue lingerie. I wear it so when I danc I can see my ass shake.

Girls like me too. I think tha’s a trup. Cuz although I find them attractive and sexy., I don’t want them to touch me. I ont know what that means. All I know is…if my man wants to look I won’t mind..cuz I’ll be looking too…

Lord…I don’t know. You know what’s up with me… Help me to get the interbiwis I requested. At least 3 of them. I’ll be okat..

I may need to maserbae.

30 seconds or less and I’m eeling NICE!!!

I’m numn.. But I’ll try it anyeay..

One love.. Love yourelf ,,, dont worry aboyt the next bitch because she is too worried about you…

~yawn~ I think i need ot get some rest.

Sorry aboyt the blurry biion.. I cant really seee wghat I m typig I lll i nknow is… I need to be touched. Soon.

Please God… can this be the end of the wait for me.. I want someone who would turn me out. Try everyting wuth me,. includng loving me… I’m qite freaky,,,

Wnna see?

Watch me…


Im boring..

Let me do entertain myself.

i do love th lord… pleas hurry while Im doing the eighr ting…

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