He’s All Yours

What the hell is that?

It’s completely dark except for the green glow from my modem on my computer desk. My house phone is ringing. Man, what time is it? I stretch my neck to my right to see my alarm clock.


My phone is ALL THE WAY over there on my desk. It’s lighting up. It lights up again. I pull my covers back and sit up. It’s still ringing. I walk over and look at the caller ID. I roll my eyes.

Chile please.

I go back to bed.

I’m having an unusually non productive day at work. Lunch time hits and I walk out the door. My cell phone rings. One look at it and I frown.

It’s him again.

I’m not gonna hide behind my phone. I push the green button.

“Hello.” I say.



“So, what’s up witcha?”

“Nothin, what do you need?”

“What do you mean what do I need? You don’t want me callin you no mo?”

“I TOLD you that last time!”

“You serious?”

“I TOLD YOU I was serious!”

He hangs up.

What? Did he think I was playin? Does he think I’m desperate? Dude has the SAME SPIRIT as my children’s father. As soon as I recognized it, I had to stop all communication. I seem to attract men who want to criticize me and remind me of all the things that are WRONG with me. I know there are things I need to work on but I don’t need some man to let me know, I already know.

He’s all, “You’re gullible. You’re too nice. You’re too sexy. You think too much. You think you’re better than a regular nicca. You’re uppity.” Can I say he’s INSECURE?

PLUS, dude called me last week telling me that he quit his job.


Stop the presses!

~shakes head~

Hell no!

I mean, everyone goes through hard times but I know ME and I know that I can not have a person in need around me because I will give. That’s just my heart, but I can’t do that with a man because I already have my kids to take care of. I will not take care of a man too. So NO we can’t kick it when I’m gone all day working my butt off and you’re chillin with your boys. I don’t expect anything from you financially but I will not be taken advantage of. I pray that I will never allow my desire for love and companionship to cloud my good judgement and have me lay up with a man who is not even doing anything for himself. I will not try to fix a man or wait for him to get his shit together. Come correct or I’ll be by my damn self, complaining but still maintaining.

I will not fall for it. Even if it means calling my friends at night and whining to them. I will not compromise just for some company. If I don’t let it get started it can’t go anywhere.

I’m done with lunch and I sit back down at my desk. My phone rings again. It’s him. I ignore it. He leaves a message.

I check my messages.

I roll my eyes at the voice and think, “Not again.”


“Hi, this is Kizzy, *****’s girlfriend. I don’t know what’s going on between you and him but I saw your number in his phone and we need to talk. Call me back on his phone. I’m sure you have the number.”

I roll my eyes.

Why do hoes like calling me?

I’m not calling her back. I don’t even like this dude.

A few minutes later my phone rings again. His name pops up. I dont answer.

It rings again. His name pops up. I don’t answer.

It rings again. His name pops up. I open my phone and walk outside.

“Hello.” I say and roll my eyes.

“Is this Te, Ty…?” she asks, trying to pronounce my name.

“Yeah this is me.”

“Well this is Kizzy, *****’s girlfriend. I have his phone a lot and I see your number in here and I know he probably never told you about me but I need to know what’s going on with ya’ll.”

“Man, stop playin…” I say.

“I’m not playin. I’m not coming at you rude or disrespectful cuz I’m a lady. I could have come screaming and cussing. He told me you are an old friend and you called his Mama house looking for him and his Mama gave you his cell number. Is that true?”

I laugh a little and then cough to cover it up.

“Believe your man girl. That’s all you. We have absolutely nothing going on and never have. He’s all yours. Handle your business.”

“Alright then girl.”


We hang up.

Now, why do I feel in my heart that this was a joke. I mean, he JUST called me less than an hour ago and I remind him NOT to call me again, and then all of a sudden he has a girlfriend who calls me back. This dude DOES NOT have a girlfriend! If he did he would not have asked me to be his girlfriend last week. Any man who already has a girlfriend DOES NOT want another one… I think he asked a homegirl to call my phone and pretend. See, dude needs a job cuz he obviously has too much time on his hands.

And what’s up with these chicks callin my phone? And it always happens with men I’m not even trying to be with. One guy’s girlfriend actually started emailing me and shit after she checked her man’s email and saw one from me. ~sigh~

Stop calling ME and tell YOUR MAN to leave ME alone!

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