He Will Do It

One of my favorite blessings is when my homegirl Anna calls me during her break from teaching in Orlando.

“Girl, let me take my lunchbreak right now so I can talk to YOU!” I squeal into the phone while gathering my purse and car keys.

By the time I make it to my chill out spot in the parking lot of Wendy’s and lean my seat back for some much needed downtime, Anna and I are deep into conversation about the obstacles we are facing as professionals and the appreciation we have for each other and our other friends.

Today I brought up the subject of how as friends we are good for each other because we anticipate each other’s needs and have no problem meeting them if we can. We are always thinking of each other and if we are out shopping and we see something that would delight the other person, we pick it up just as though we are picking up something for ourselves. I then told her about another friend of mine who had been hinting to her boyfriend that she needed a few things but he had yet to take care of them although he is well capable of doing so.

“See!” she said, raising her voice two octaves. “Now, I’m not saying that my relationship with my fiance isn’t perfect but I love him because he takes care of me like he takes care of himself. I was on the phone with him one night and I mentioned that I would have to pay one of my bills late and that it would cost me an extra $15. Girl! Three days later I opened my mailbox and he had sent me three signed blank checks.”

“WHATTTT!!!!!!!!!!” I scream! “Oh my gosh! That’s what I’m talking about! That’s a provider! That’s an unselfish person. I’m so happy to hear that girl!”

As I continue to work things out in my career and hope for the one thing that has eluded me for almost of my life; true love, I know that it will happen one day because God makes all of my dreams come true. If He has positioned me to accomplish my goals so far and gifted me with the ability to be a stunner in everything that I do, then I KNOW that it’s not too farfetched to hope for a romantic relationship that is a replica of the relationships that I have with my friends.

The women that I am surrounded by are selfless, hardworking, creative and trustworthy. They KNOW me and they know my flaws and they love me anyway. In fact, they have to remind me that the characteristics that I consider to be flaws are the things they love most about me.

I had an interesting conversation with a chick I met this weekend. She was telling me the story about how she met her soulmate and she said, “You’ll know it’s him, when you see that- all those things you always thought were so fucked up about you- he’ll adore those things and he’ll encourage them and tell you all the time that he loves those things the most.”

“It will happen,” she said. “Because I never believed that it could happen to me, but it did and all I had to do was hold out and wait on God. I sacrificed my sex life for over a year and promised God that I would wait until He presented him to me and He did and now we’re a family. It happens.”

It happens.

It will happen.

Just like God carried you this far and continues to guide you toward your most amazing destiny, there are no exceptions to the scope of His love for you.

You will have what you most desire if it honors Him.

Just keep Him first, stay prayerful and believe in a love that is more powerful than any love you’ve ever experienced.

He wants to bless you.

And He will.

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