Great Vibes No Matter What

I don’t know if it’s my period about to come on, if it’s the moon cycle or if it’s Jesus but I feel like I am HEALED!

I honestly think its the classes I am taking and my professor and all the studying that I have been doing but I am infatuated by the many theories and perspectives on self love and Ive really figured some shit out like…you CAN Be happy all day every day if you want to!
For real…I even did a video about it. Watch it..

And after I did the video I felt like I could do anything in this world…
Like…I feel that IN LOVE feeling I used to feel when I felt like I was close to god. I remember this feeling…it was a feeling that someone values me and appreciates me and someone cares if I live or die and I am so important to someone and I am powerful and beautiful in their eyes.
I thought that feeling could only come through my faith in religion but I now realize that that feeling of connection and power comes through my recognition of MY OWN POWER. Not powers like Superman or whatever, but really the power of my own CHOICE to direct my perspective. to create the life I WANT.
I create misery with my imagination and all the emotions I experience while playing with my imagination. I’m living in the past, keep re-living all the pain of my childhood. I’m CHOOSING that misery because I can just as easily CHOOSE NOT to think about that shit!
I am so much more happy these days….
Everything really is…all good.

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