Got Me Workin..Workin Day & Night

What have I been up to?


10-12 hour days and attending all kinds of events and you KNOW I’m antisocial so it’s been rough having to meet all of these people and smile and shake hands and all that.

Last week I went to the Morehouse Homecoming concert which featured Nas & Kelis. It was crazy! Our staff didn’t meet any of our goals (one being a one on one interview with Nas) because the publicists weren’t responding to our requests and the security kept the press on lockdown. We couldn’t even leave the media pit to go to the bathroom!

But I got a few good shots of Nas & Kelis, including one of him with his hands on her butt.

This weekend I got all dressed up (you know I ain’t want to), to attend Jermain Dupri’s Halloween Party. The invitation was so funny, it read: Due to limited space at the site of the party, all invited guests are asked to meet at the Suntrust Bank and will take a shuttle to the exclusive party location.

The party was blah. The food was good. If there were celebrities there I didn’t recognize any of them. Well…except for Da Brat. I was walking up to the bar to get me another free DRANK, and I saw this chick. I squinted my eyes and looked at her. “You look familiar,” I said to her. She just smiled at me as I walked away.

Guess what costume I wore?

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Yes, your girl was a red devil.

I got all kinds of comments like, “If you’re the devil, then I’m a sinner. Take me to hell with you!”

I was ready to go after an hour but I was driving and I was trying to be courteous to my co workers so I waited a little longer.

Ya’ll ain’t ready for my work update. Seems like all Black business leaders must go to the same school of ‘beat your employees down to keep them around’ because I’ve learned that my publisher’s brand of motivation resembles the same type of motivation my baby daddy used to give me. The same type my stepfather used to give me and the same type my old pastor used to give me. He has the same leadership style as my old publisher from the newspaper in Miami. ~shakes head~ Nothing but criticism and consistent expression of dissappointment with your progress.

This time I recognized it early so I’m trying to decide what I’m going to do. Can I really withstand an environment like that again? I’m a sensitive person and there’s only so much, ‘you aren’t good enough’ I can take before I snap.

Pray for me ya’ll because it seems like my editor has it in for me too. I guess I could be paranoid but when I am constantly being told that I’m not doing this right or that right even when I consistently ask for feedback and instruction so I can get it right, it’s disheartening to know that all of your best effort is being shit on.

Oh well…I have to stay focused and I know that this is not the end of my journey. Their motivational/abusive tactics won’t deter me from becoming the professional journalist that I want to be.

I have to tell myself that I’m working my ass off and if they don’t appreciate it, another company will. It’s not the end of the road for me.

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