Friends & Co Workers

So you should know by now that I AM NOT FRIENDLY. Especially in the workplace, but THESE co workers are so different and they have introduced me to the server lifestyle which is a bunch of fun, beers and doing nothing at all…just celebrating life.

I hang with a group of people nearly everyday. Last night we built a fire and sat around just quiet..lost in our own thoughts. After we went for a drink at a bar and I went home to try to fall asleep in the cold. It’s freezing here. I hate this. I miss tropical Miami.

I am not completely comfortable with this group because I feel like I can’t talk about subjects that are important to me. THings like, progress, success and philosophy. Maybe it’s just me…but I don’t feel like they would be interested so most of the time I am quiet or I try to be. I’ve learned from them to let go a little and just have fun. They are great people, all ages all races, who just vibe together over beers after work. We all stand around in our work uniforms and talk shit about whatever comes to mind.

I know that these people may not be in my life for a very long time, but for now, I love being around people who like them who accept me for who I am and now where they know I am headed. It feels good not to be the superstar sometimes…

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