The First Step

My boys were gone with their daddy this weekend and I got a lot of rest, neglected my house cleaning duties and talked on the phone for hours.

Last night was Saturday and as usual I was itching for some action. Everytime my boys go with their dad I have this itch to party or do something wild. Most times I don’t do anything but that’s better than going crazy in compromise like I used to before I realized it was better to be bored than have to repent later.

So I called Ruby cuz she usually has some entertaining story to tell and she told me that she was in the mood for da club. She had planned to ride down to Orlando to hang out with her best friend and hit the club scene there but I tried to get her to hang out with me instead.

Me: Ruby, I want to get dressed up, look cute and go out and have some fun!

Ruby: Yeah right. I refuse to take you anywhere with me. As soon as we get out I know just what’s gonna happen. You’re gonna start feeling all bad and throwing holy water on yourself and praying for everybody there!

Me: Ruby! Stop trippin! I wanna PARTY!

Ruby: Girl please, you aint going nowhere. As far as you’re going is the bookstore so go on ahead and get ready to read.

Me: Ruby why u tryin me?! I’m trying to hang out!

Ruby: Not with me. Cuz as soon as you get home you’re gonna be feeling all bad and writing in your weblog talking about, “Oh, Lord…I done messed up!” So just go ahead and sit at your computer and set your web cam up and get to chatting. You just amped up because Im telling you what Im about to do, but you’ll thank me tomorrow when you get to go to church feelin’ alright.

Well since Ruby wouldn’t entertain my blabbering, (I wouldn’t have gone really, I just like to imagine I would), I sat back and thought about the kids at my church. A lot of them are my age and I know that they are very sociable but I never hang out because I have kids and they don’t and I’m weird about getting babysitters and I feel like I’m on a different level than they are…more responsibilities…so I should stay home with my sons.

So I called a girl named Wesla who goes to my church and is really nice and always fun to talk to and I asked her what was going on. She invited me to our church’s salsa team practice and I talked myself into going. So, I went and even though I didn’t want to dance cuz I cant dance, I found myself learning the basic steps, stepping on ppl feet and laughing a lot. Afterwards everyone went out to dinner and I went with them and had a good time.

I am surprised that I went because I never go anywhere. I am surprised that I had a good time because I figured that I wouldn’t fit in, but everyone there was cool and I think I want to do it again.

Salsa classes and hanging out with real people. Seems like things may be changing around here.

Maybe there is some youth left in me.

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