Dreams Don’t Change

This was the most ridiculous week I’ve ever had.

I am now fighting a brand new battle that doesn’t seem like it will end quickly but…I’m not ready to tackle that issue on my blog yet.

My sons and I stopped by the bookstore today because my 8 year old wanted a book called Diary of a Wimpy Kid. While I was there I was in heaven and I almost cried when I asked for the book The Alchemist and they said they had plenty in stock. I had gone to two different libraries looking for the book, but the library didn’t have it.

We stopped by the crafts store to buy my 6 year old some finger paints and then we went home, spread the blanket out on the lawn and shared a plate of Oreos while we each did our own thing.

This book is amazing. I’ve already had to put it down just so that I could think about the many inspirational messages that had already floated past my eyes. This book is about dreaming and living the life you dreamt of. It’s a story of the pursuit of your fantasy life, the same theme I hope to teach and live.

It’s funny because the author talks about how when we’re young, our dreams for our lives are more rich and anything seems possible. Then we are conditioned by those around us who try to force us to believe that dreams are unreachable and we should just accept the state we are born into.

I never believed that.

Maybe that’s why I am so damn arrogant and bratty. I do believe that I should have everything that I want. And I go after it as though I should have it. I am not afraid.

This brings me to the subject of child’s play, which I have written about before but i would like to revisit. When we play as children we live in a world of make believe which is actually our heart telling us that this is the life we are destined to have if we KNOW that we deserve it and then go ahead and create it.

When I was a jit, I used to imagine myself teaching conferences and writing many, many books and dating superstars and living in a fab house by the ocean. I felt that I would be respected and admired by many and that my life would make a difference in their lives.

I don’t know where all of that came from but the crazy thing is, I still have that same dream. Not much has changed except now I would like to include a romantic partner.

Dreams don’t change. We do. Hopefully, we’re evolving toward that dream.

“We who fight for our dream suffer far more when it doesn’t work out, because we cannot fall back on the old excuse: Oh, well I didn’t really want it anyway. We do want it and we know that we have staked everything on it and that the path of the personal calling is no easier than any other path, except that our whole heart is in this journey. Then, we warriors of light must know that the Universe is conspiring in our favor, even though we may not understand how.” – Coehlo

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