Discovering The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo

I was never a full out fan of Will Smith. I thought he was too tall and goofy and just plain silly. I like my men more regal than the characters he portrayed in his earlier career.A few years ago, a friend of mine sent me the link to an article where Will Smith was spouting some kind of philosophy that I had never been exposed to. That made me sit up and listen.Yesterday, I was fooling around on Youtube when I came across this video of Will discussing being an Alchemist. After viewing this video and doing a search for the book The Alchemist I was stunned to learn that the author Paulo Coehlo is alive and well and has a love for the internet. I read through his blog and watched a few of his videos on youtube and then I did a search for quotes by him.Wow!This dude is ridiculously conscious! By conscious I mean, in tune with the fact that there is more than one way to reach a state of inner peace and he is open to exploring other ideas that were at one point foreign to him.I am just now reaching that place myself after years of being involved in religion and seeing how it didn’t serve me well. I sometimes scare myself with my beliefs and it is difficult to discuss them with my friends because no one is going where I’m going least yet.But then again…now that I am not involved in the idea of “my way or no way” I can see that everyone is on their own spiritual path and no one is off track or lagging behind. You can’t charter a spiritual course. You can’t pull someone with you. Even if you are experiencing magic because of your newfound beliefs or studies, it is important to allow the next person their own space to move at their own pace. Their ability to choose their path freely is what will lead them to recognize their own power. Allow them that joy.No one is “lost”. No one is damned to hell for all eternity because they don’t believe what you believe. They are damned if they believe that is possible for their life. I don’t.I am a magnificent creation of the highest regard who was given the opportunity to seek Truth for myself. I love this journey! I love the freedom that it brings. I love the way I can take a pot and mix all of the knowledge up, choosing the best ingredients from my eclectic studies, creating my own belief system and reality.I am powerful beyond measure. I am rich in love and light. I am destined to achieve my greatest dreams simply because I choose to do so.You are too.

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