Deeper Into Second Life

I’m being pulled deeper and deeper into the virtual world.

After only 3 days on Second Life (SL)..I have to admit, I am hooked. It’s more than just a random pic and some random facts posted on a web page, it’s a WHOLE WORLD in there!

Since I’ve started living in SL, I have had the following experiences:

Learned to fly
Watched as a stripper gave a lap dance to a woman in a courtyard
Went on a date to a dance club
Been given a virtual tour of a major business
Trespassed on the property of a guy I don’t know and lounged in his jacuzzi with a random guy I met
Went to a sex place and watched people have orgies
Been invited to join an “in world” networking group (I declined)
Been accosted by a dominatrix who told me I looked cheap and gave me a new body to wear
Been set up with a young woman who gave me a tour of her beautiful home and told me I could stay until I found a job and got my own place
Walked through the ghetto
Met a man who has been married 3 times in SL
Went shopping for clothes and shoes and hair

Ahhh..I’m all worn out.

I hope I can stay out of this world long enough to finish my writing assignments for this week!

Second Life is amazing!

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