A Day Off With My Boys

I had the most beautiful day today.

I feel like I manifested it because yesterday all I kept thinking was, “I want to spend some time with my boys again.”

Later that evening I got an automated phone call from my son’s school telling me that Tuesday would be a teachers workday. I immediately picked up the phone to call my BBDD and tell him that I would keep the boys.

~shakes head~

He was resistant at first, telling me that the boys already had plans and he would see if he could cancel them. Plans with who? Ohhh..I get it. His fiance. Naww buddy.

When I called him back he answered his phone and hung up on me several times in a row. Thank goodness I called the house phone after that fiasco and my son answered it before he could tell them to ignore it. When my son picked up the phone I heard my BBDD say, “I didn’t tell you to answer the phone.”

“I’ll be there in an hour to pick them up,” I said and then hung up.

I picked them up and we came back to my place for some cuddle time before I made them go to bed. We were supposed to go see the sunrise but we didn’t wake up in time. Instead we visited a new water park even though it’s been raining all day.

We had a BLAST! I was right there with them every step of the way, sliding down slides, riding in the big yellow tubes and splashing around in the water.

After we went to the bookstore and they chose books and then we went to the grocery store and bought crab legs and came back to my place to eat, watch a movie and hang out.

There’s nothing like spending time with my sons. When I’m with them I feel whole, appreciated, loved, valued. My older son looks like me I think. My younger son has my emotional nature.

Out of all of the great things I have done in life, being with my sons makes me the most proud.

If you ain’t a Mama, you gotta do it. It’s an experience that will enhance your life!

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