The Crossroad

There’s an offer on the table for my boys and I to move to Atlanta.

The offer includes free rent for four months and a free ticket for all of us. My bestfriend who lives there has made this proposition and says it will remain open until November.

Moving to Atlanta would mean learning a new city and its culture. It would mean new schools for my sons and new possibilities for me. It seems like a dream come true…but…I have absolutely no desire to live in that city.

I never have.

The alternative would be to stay here and hope for a miracle.

Why would this door open if I wasn’t meant to walk through?

What do you do when your heart says stay, but your rational mind is telling you, “Baby, at least give it a try. Look at you. There’s nothing here for you. Nothing is working no matter what you do.”

But I have no desire……..

I don’t want to bounce from city to city with my boys. I want to give them a home. I want their home to be here in Miami.

Life is full of choices. I dont think it’s a matter making a right or wrong decision, I think it’s a matter of making the best of the decision you make.


We’ll see.

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